Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camel's paradise

While we see camels on a regular basis anytime we take roads that run along open desert here in Dubai, we had never seen so many camels like we did on our trip. They seemed to be everywhere! With the cool temperatures, lush vegetation, and open ocean/ sea air- we determined Salalah to be a camel's paradise.

Salalah is home to some ancient ports (and a pretty big modern day port). I'm thinking that Lehi and his family weren't the only ones who trekked across the Arabian desert pre- automobiles and airplanes, and set sail from Salalah (or nearby) leaving their camels behind. Because who wants a camel on a boat? And so they've just stayed there and multiplied and probably been loving it!

Anyway- it was fun to see all the camels. A little nerve wracking at night, until we realized that unlike deer, there wasn't a huge risk of them suddenly jumping in front of our car. They just slowly walked across the road without a care in the world, like they owned the place. The locals had a system of turning on the cars hazard lights until they passed the camel in the road. We liked this system.

As I hinted at in my previous post (thanks for all the caption suggestions). Canyon LOVED the camels. He ran straight toward them on the beach, babbled to me and to them (about who knows what- he seems to have his own language and it's so cute), and would have probably stayed for hours in fascination had I not dragged him away (note his screaming in the picture below is because he is facing away from the camels- he wanted back in the action).


  1. That is crazy, like out of some weird dream or something. P.S. I think you should name your next kid Salalah. It has a nice ring to it.

  2. It is crazy that they just roam around like that. I guess they are not dangerous. We rode them in Petra I think--or Egypt--maybe Petra is in Egypt--I'm getting rusty in my old age. Cute picture of your family. Did you intend to coordinate the kids' clothes. They all look adorable. How do you find them such cute clothes over there?

  3. Wow! Your life is SO DIFFERENT from mine. You have camel crossing we have...tumble weed crossing. You go to Salalah, home of ancient ports...we go to California, home to people who drive like maniacs. Your kids experience the cultures of Dubai and Egypt...sometimes we get Mexican food. :0) Miss you 1/2 the world away!

  4. I love that this is part of your normal landscape. I'm proud that you took off to gallivant around the world, away from all of your family and friends back home. Your kids will always remember the fun adventures they had when they were little...camels included!