Wednesday, August 18, 2010

caves and blow holes

one of our favorite stops on our Salalah trip was to a giant tidal cave (al Marnif cave in Mughsayl bay). We loved watching the waves smash onto the rocks and shoot spray up through the dozens of blow holes.
It was mesmerizing
like watching a campfire.
and crazy
the waves we're powerful and the rocks were rugged.

it felt refreshing to feel a cool sea mist and watch a turbulent and wild ocean (due to the Khareef/ monsoon/ rainy season).
in Dubai the waves are small and calm
the beaches flat
and not much of a cool sea breeze (at least not in months).
Canyon loved it too(please excuse the clothes- he was drenched from our visit to the beach the previous stop and John grabbed a onesie and Asher's swim trunks to dress him in- whatev!)