Sunday, August 15, 2010

Escape to Salalah- part 1

As soon as school ended in late June, many of our friends left town for the summer (or for good).
I knew we were waiting until late summer for our trip to the US, but I was itching for a little escape.
John got some time off work and we enjoyed a minivacation to Salalah, Oman- also known as "the Land Bountiful" for you Book of Mormon readers. We were excited to explore a part of our religious history as well as escape the heat of Dubai (since Salalah was posting temperatures in the 70's and 80's and Dubai and the rest of the Arabian peninsula was posting over 100)
Our friend Tiffani came along with her two kids (her husband had towork) and we had a great time. We were all so glad they came.

Day 1:
we spent most of the day in the Muscat Oman airport. we missed our connecting flight and our tight one hour lay-over turned into a lengthy 7+ hour lay-over. We had to deal with a lot of unhelpful airport workers trying to weasel our way on the next flight. It felt a little like the amazing race, except things didn't seem to be going our way.

Thankfully the camera, a few toys, papa johns pizza, a Wiggles video, and alternating naps for all the kids, got us through the day and we finally got to our hotel around midnight.

even though we still had a long day of travel/ sitting in airports. I think we made the right decision in flying as opposed to driving the 16+ hours across the empty quarter.

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