Saturday, May 15, 2010

6th of May- leftover burrito day

**I know this is a late post- but I really did write it on his birthday, I just had some problems with the photos and got distracted and busy with other things last week. I'm back to blogging- I think**

I realize most of this blog is about the 3 kids, me, and rarely John.
so I thought it's about time I changed things up.

35 for the birthday boy, a tribute:

1. he loves pumpkin pie and believes pies should be served at weddings/ birthdays instead of cake. I usually oblige.

2. loves left overs for lunch. I can usually count on him to eat most left overs but he does draw the line at burgers and eggs.

3. loves the movie Rudy and has an uncanny resemblance to the character, actor and story.

4. while in high school he traveled to Japan with his football team to play a biannual rivalry game against a Japanese all star team

5. it was his first time on a big airplane and half of the pictures from his trip are of the airplane itself.

6. is always up for a good Halloween costume.

7. dreams of owning a cabin on a mountain lake.

8. is the oldest of 6 kids and often regrets when he wasn't a nice older brother

9. is hopeful and determined that Asher will be different

10. he is a root beer snob. loves it chilled in a glass bottle- Henry Weinhardt's is his favorite

11. went on his mission to Zimbabwe Africa

12. he's not fake. mostly an admirable quality, not so great when he's not having a good time, annoyed, or isn't interested.

13. thinks unloading (and loading) the dishwasher is the worst. chore. ever.

14. folding clothes is a close 2nd (if not tie)

15. he is a hard worker and disciplined

16. he paid for all of his post high school education (including grad school) minus once semester.

17. he was on the Price is Right with Bob Barker! He made it to the showcase showdown by spinning .95, then he lost by way underbidding a lame showcase.

18. he has a fascination with aerospace and aeronautics and sometimes wishes he was an astronaut.

19. he was so excited to plan a road trip for us as newly weds down to Southern California to watch the first private aircraft launch into space.

20. his loves the history channel

21. he still wears his MLB t-shirt and despite jokes from friends (about how often he wears it) or my asking when we can retire it. He still thinks it's "a great shirt" (Anna- are you reading this?)

22. he has one stubby thumb and one normal thumb. he was born that way.

23. he plays the guitar and is trying to change up his repertoire by learning a new song every month. Please leave and suggestions in the comment section.

24. he spent several weeks in the summer (during high school) digging a ditch in the field by his house to pay for a week of EFY- ( a church summer camp). He didn't love EFY and later realized that a few hours with a ditchdigger would have done the job in a day or two instead of the weeks he spent digging with his own brute strength.

25. he drove a brown Honda Civic in high school which he and his friends/ siblings nicknamed "the turd" (this appalled his mother)

26. his mother is a saint (and a dream mother-in-law)

27. he dreams of and plans to drive/own a pick up truck.

28. he loves playing and watching sports.

29. he played football in high school and his coach once told him he would be "all-state if he was just bigger, stronger, and faster"

30. he was "Sewing student of the year" in high school. (which pretty much made up for not being named All-State)

31. he ruptured his achilles tendon playing intramural football at MIT and spent half of Boston winter on crutches, the doctor told him he wasn't the first "weekend warrior" injury he'd seen that day.

32. he figured out a way to level the sloping floors in our first home by using his fancy engineering skills, some heavy duty jacks, pressure treated shims, a lots of time in the dusty dirty crawl space. (plus help from a good friend and good brother)

33. he wouldn't be where he is today without my wise advice and lofty aspirations

34. he is amazed that his birthday falls the day after Cinco de Mayo every. single. year.

35. He's an amazing husband (even thought he snores) and father (even though he loves to munch on snack food and juice meant for the kids)

Happy Birthday John!!! You're smack dab in the middle of 30 and 40 and don't look a day older than you did yesterday!

We love you!


  1. Hee hee! This was lots of fun to read! Happy birthday to one of my coolest cousins!!

  2. happy birthday bro! one of these years we'll have to celebrate our birthdays together like we used to. hope all is well!

  3. Toria--I'm so glad you finally got this up. I laughed really hard reading this. I loved so many--first I loved all the Halloween costumes. I'm so jealous he actually got to go on the Price is Right and was in the freakin showcase showdown. I agree that loading and unloading the dishwasher is the worst chore ever. I love that John is not fake but I sympathize that it is hard to have a husband who won't "fake it" at social gatherings if he isn't having fun.

    Finally, I love #29, #30 and #31. Funniest ever. Happy Birthday John. You and Toria are a perfect pair.

  4. trina- I'm hope he was a cool cousin because like I mentioned, he regrets some of his "big brother" ways.
    Adrian- we miss the joint celebrations too! If only I had a pdf of your belly dancing invite.
    brooke- I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I felt like I should give you credit for giving me the list idea in the first place. Yours and your sisters are too funny and I'm glad I did you proud.
    and I think it's hilarious that you understand the whole "faking it" thing. So frustrating sometimes huh!

  5. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed reading this post! You are a great brother, husband and father! I am a horrible sister and didn't even send a Happy Birthday your way, John. Despite some of the thoughts about not being a nice older brother, you did fine John. You were just an older brother! I still love you and always have. (Especially since you married T!) Thanks for being someone I can look up to. Your hard work, focus and determination amaze me. Give those kids a kiss from us, can't wait to see you this fall!?

  6. A. I think John started his CIA career in High School when he went to Japan to play football, I don't think the Japanese even know what football is, this is very suspicious...

    B. When you find that cabin on a mountain top with a lake, I want to build next door.

    C. Sewing? That is awesome.

    D. He has the same birthday as Mandy.

    E. Happy Belated birthday to one cool "rocket scientist" (your secret's safe with me!)

  7. He was always nice to me! Happy Birthday big brother! Love you!

  8. Very nice T. You forgot he is a pretty good shot with his sniper rifle, probably what the CIA needed from him in Japan. John has always been a rock to rely on, from making the largest snowman ever (we had to enlist the help of his dad to finish rolling it) to Always being there when ever needed, John you are the best. Barry

  9. Emily- you're so sweet. I think John will appreciate hearing that- and we are way over here and forget birthdays/ holidays in both directions. No biggie- don't cry, you were supposed to laugh!
    Nancy- seriously, so many additional clues to his career choice. He has the same birthday as Mandy and about 5 other "facebook" friends which cracks me up- so many on one day!
    Liz- he better have been nice to you- you're 11 years apart?
    Barry- I knew I should have contacted you for more additions to the list!

  10. Wonderful tribute to our nephew John. He is a great guy. It has been fun to watch him grow up. He was a good big brother -- I have a photo of him holding baby Lizzy on his lap while he and his siblings and cousins were watching TV (before the move to Oregon).

  11. That was a great post. I know that John loves airplanes and aerospace. When he gets that cabin by the lake then he can get his airplane and I can teach him to fly it and we can buzz the cabin.
    We loved the post and if John is up to it I am short on a pair of shorts if he still has his sewing skills! (Dusty)
    Happy late Birthday.