Monday, May 3, 2010

more on the birthday girl...

a little about this Ivy-girl (and a LOT of photos- I couldn't help myself).

  • Ivy loves to dance and sing.
  • she's loves her accessories and dressing up- shoes, purses and backpacks (which she fills with lots of randomness).
  • she's also tough and sporty- loves paper airplanes, legos, kicking balls, playing catch, wrestling, starwars, and anything with wheels (usually other peoples bikes and scooters).
  • she's REALLY fast and really good on her bike- it's pretty amazing.
  • she loves the swimming pool, but would rather chill in her floatie or play in the shallow end than actually swim. I'm thinking Canyon will be swimming before her.
  • for whatever reason- she likes to sleep on the floor. she lays out a blanket or a small rug and sleeps on the cold hard tile floor or thin carpet. We're in the rough phase deciding whether or not to drop the nap because bedtime is becoming increasingly difficult.
  • she's turned into more of a picky eater this past year- but still loves plain bran flakes or shredded wheat often over more kid-friendly cereal options.
  • she loves the beach- for the sand and shallow water. Not the waves. She only likes the waves about 10% of the time.
  • she loves to paint and has used this talent to make mischief as well as a few masterpieces (or at least art that I want to save)
  • she has a cute little voice- sometimes sounds like a cartoon when she's excited.
  • she's dramatic- her enthusiasm is incredible when she's excited and here whining/ tantrums are really irritating.
  • she LOVES Asher and would follow him anywhere. (Canyon is a little different story- she's either adoring him or wishing he would get out of her way)
  • she's THREE (and keeps forgetting or asking when we can go to her birthday again)!!!


  1. what a beautiful girl, inside and out!

  2. Grandma Cutler (Beth)May 4, 2010 at 12:29 PM

    She reminds me a lot of her mother, although she was 6 before she kicked her first soccer ball and her competitive spirit was born and the rest is history! Love the pictures, especially the one in the pink skirt, and the one with her brothers, I also want one of the Canyon & Asher in the "boxcar"!

  3. thanks!
    Haha, i didn't even realize how much Ivy sounded like a little me- I was probably NEVER as dramatic though right? :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ivy! She is adorable! Is she really riding a bike with no training wheels?? That is pretty amazing, what a talented little girl!

  5. She is so beautiful! I miss you guys. We really must fix this.

  6. That is one cute kid!! Love the accessories and bags full of 'special treasures.' ;)