Thursday, November 15, 2007

for the record...

I'd just like to point out that there isn't much of me "convincing" or "pursuading" John to wear anything when it comes to Halloween costumes. So I'm not sure that it's any "love" or "devotion" that gets him to do it, but I do love that he does it because it makes me laugh. Plus I get to be creative and help execute his costume plans.  Let me walk you down Halloween memory lane. (So what that Halloween was 2 weeks ago.)

Halloween 1998- Provo UT: Uhhh, John and I didn't even know each other yet. (these are the costumes that rookie dad Rich was referring to- see comments on the previous post). John is dressed as "Chip and Justin's Room". Apparently Chip and Justin weren't the best at keeping house. John and Matt went upstairs a couple hours before the Halloween party and just started grabbing what they saw and taping it to John- pizza boxes, dirty socks, juice containers etc. basically trash. His brother Matt is dressed as the back deck. His costume consisted of 3 patio chairs and some packing tape. I don't know who the disco guy is, but he's sitting on Matt's costume.


Halloween 1999- Provo UT: Who knows if John dressed up. I went to the BYU football game dressed as a bug (I think that's what we were) with my roommates D and Britt. We looked pretty silly. Sorry no digital pic.

Halloween 2000- San Francisco Buddha house party: The night John and I met*!!! (I do have pictures but they aren't digital either and I don't have a scanner- sorry) John was dressed pretty similar to the picture above only all the stuff taped to him was white and he wore a sign that said "White Trash". I was dressed as Supergirl. *technically this wasn't the night we met, but it was the first real impressionable meeting. We met a couple of times in Provo the previous year through the many mutual friends that we shared, but, who cares, we're talking about Halloween costumes right?

Halloween 2001 Palo Alto- John and I had just started dating and we were planning to attend Holly's "Famous Couples" Halloween party. I sent John a list of costumes my mom had in the attic at home just to give him some ideas. HE suggested that he wear my little sister's Flounder costume and I go as Ariel or Sebastian (the crab). I was shocked that he wanted to be a giant fish, but I called my mom and she altered the costume a little and it was a hit.


Halloween 2002 Palo Alto- John and I are still dating (we had a long courtship ok). Both of us were sick in the days leading up to Halloween and John said that he preferred the Halloween costumes like his BYU days where you just find stuff around the house. I don't remember what else contributed to his train of thought, but this is what he came up with: A Mattress. Mind you, he really took apart his own mattress and used the engineering skills he gained at BYU and sewing skills from high school to make the mattress wearable.  Oh and we were planning to attend the 3rd annual Famous Couples Halloween party and I had to come up with a coordinating costume- pajamas my mom gave me for Christmas- no skid feet and all.
             HALLOWEEN '02

Halloween 2003 Palo Alto- We attended the "Famous Couples" party again posing as the unseperable duo of Chips and Salsa. John walked around the party with a giant bowl of chips around his waist. My dress was an original design (by moi) in the shape of a Pace Picante bottle of salsa (very femanine shape- although you can't tell by the pic).


Halloween 2004 San Jose : no pics that I can find although I know we have a couple somewhere. I was cookie monster (fitting since i was pregnant with Asher) and John was a giant cookie. It was made of foam, spray paint and quilt batting.


Halloween 2005 San Jose: Because I knew John made a cute fish (see Flounder above) and because I went home to Arizona for a couple weeks in October, I had my mom help me make costumes for John to be Marlin and Asher to be Nemo. The reality was that I helped her, she's did the bulk of the work because she's amazing at it. These costumes were in storage when we moved to Boston, but we got them out this year thinking that our nephew Harrison might want to be Nemo. Amazingly, the costume fit Asher (as you can see from our other pics, it's the same costume) and I altered John's to look more like Ashers and be a little more comfortable to wear (unlike the over the head version seen below. )



Halloween 2006 Boston: John had a pre-Halloween mishap (ruptured Achilles tendon) along with a heavy load of classes which lead to this Halloween being pretty tame. He was on crutches so most of his previous costumes wouldn't have worked. Since I was already making Asher's Buzz lightyear costume, I just made John a partial costume. Remember in Toy Story 2 there's 2 Buzz Lightyears and theres Jessie (that's me)


Thanks for taking that walk down memory lane with me. I probably should have done a post like this before Halloween, but I thought some of you might enjoy a good laugh or bit of nostalgia depending on who is reading. Thanks for humoring me.


  1. Hey, Tori,

    This is Kelly, your cousin. I found your site from Amy's blog. This is really cool to see.

  2. I love all the costumes. My fav is the chips and salsa. I esp. like that your flavor is "hot". Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hey it's amy - I have a ??? for you can you email me?!! I think we have some common friends but I'm not sure how or if you know them.

  4. In the last 14 years, I have succeeded in getting costumes on Jason exactly three times . . . once when we were still dating and he was (in his own words) "still trying to impress" me, once when he was the Activities Committee Chairman, and I convinced him he was obligated, and once when the kids talked him into it. I'm a little jealous that John is so willing!

  5. Toria,

    Tell John that I still remember his and Matt's costumes from that Halloween party. I thought they were the funniest and love to tell people about the idea each year when Halloween costumes come up in conversations.

    I'm not sure who that disco guy is either.

    I'm impressed how creative you guys are each year for Halloween. I'm a much boring Mom and don't like dressing up. I did go as a Pink Lady this year and didn't think much about it until some men from the ward came up to me and wanted to know if I deliberately picked my costume b/c I was pregnant. whoops! It gave ward members a bit of an extra laugh.

  6. Toria (and John),

    Seriously amazing costumes. I LOVE the chips and salsa - so clever. Good thing you two are so perfect for each other and that your mom is an amazing seamstress.

    Oh and Matt and John's costumes are hysterical. Does the dressing up gene come from Lesley or Claude?

    PS. I have now called twice with no return phone calls. Too good for your Boston friends all of a sudden? Just kidding.

  7. Okay, next year we are totally calling you for good cotume ideas! We just keep using the same on "Partly cloudy with a chance of rain" I am sure Cam even used that in college! You guys are extremely creative!

  8. I know I looked at this post before and thought I comment, apparently i didn't. I am so loving your enthusiasm for Halloween, I love all the costume ideas, you guys are so fun!

  9. We can sure tell whose daughter you are when it comes to talent!