Monday, February 8, 2010


2 years ago John flew to Dubai to start his job.
We had been in job-hunting/ searching/ post graduation limbo for a few months.
Living with family
but needing to move on and out.

But to Dubai?
It didn't feel wrong.
but it didn't necessarily feel right.
It felt... okay.
but it was an exciting adventure so we went for it.

When he accepted the job the plan was to move to Dubai (company hq), but probably only be here a a month or two before he would be assigned to another country (Saudi? Russia? India?). We (me and kids) would join him when we knew where it was we were moving to.
I was hoping to at least spend a few weeks in Dubai.
Once he arrived, got settled at work, we were told he may be in Dubai as long as 6 months, "so just go ahead and bring the family over".
I packed as best I could wondering what I would need for
the immediate future (the few weeks in the US before flying to Dubai),
the near future (the few months in Dubai without our sea freight/ bulk of our stuff)
and the future future (wherever after Dubai- where our sea freight would go).

in that time.
John was told to just have our sea freight shipped to Dubai as well and if we had to pack it up and move again or re-route it, so be it. At least it would be on its way.
I found it difficult to pack for an unknown location and length of time.
So I did my best.
and we left a good amount of storage in my in-laws garage (I'm still sorry about that, I still find myself wishing I would have brought this or that, and I still find myself feeling like my house is full enough how could I possible have or need more?)
I arrived in Dubai about 6 weeks after John.
and that 6 months turned into 2 years and counting.

At one point a move to Moscow was looking very likely. We even flew out for a visit, to check out the housing options and things.
I had mixed feelings about moving to Moscow.
but it all became somewhat irrelevant when the world economy started turning south and the project in Russia got put on hold.
The plans to move there were canned.
John scrambled and found a position on one of his company's projects here in Dubai.
Trying to sustain the life of his employment and us.
lay-offs have hit, time and again and all around
but not us-
I'm grateful for that- of course.

Happy Dubanniversary!

John still has the same job (at a lower salary than he started with due to company pay cuts)
we're still in Dubai
and have no idea if we'll be hear 6 more weeks or years. (I'm hoping somewhere in between)
for now, here feels good.
and sometime in that two years (I can't remember when, it was so gradual)
I made real friendships
I stopped comparing our ex-pat package to the "better one next door" (because they all seemed to be better)
I found ways to watch my favorite tv shows
and eat my favorite foods
I made it through the rocky times Asher and I had when we first moved here
and hope that if he remembers, that he forgives me.

I like being here.

I feel how I wanted to feel 2 years ago
but didn't feel.

in honor of John's two years here, I thought I should link back to this post with my conspiracy theory about John's profession. I think it's long overdue for some more recent findings and clues. I'm on to you John (tee hee).


  1. Happy Dubai-versary! I am glad you celebrated shortly there after with tastes of California :)

  2. We are soooo glad you moved here and stayed. Life just wouldn't be the same with out you...seriously! Happy 2 years. Time flies!

  3. I'm so glad that you are happy there. Home really is where your family is, I think we all learn that somewhere along the way. Maybe someday you'll find your home in Utah!

  4. Email me the picture of the 5 of you on the beach, will make a great one for my desktop.

  5. I am so glad you feel this way. I've been waiting for you to say this. :) xo, Alecia