Monday, February 8, 2010

taste of California

In the two years we've been living over here, I've been to the U.S. three different times for a total of around 10 weeks, plus I moved here 6 weeks after John did.

on the other hand

John has only been home to the U.S. once (and it was to Arizona where I grew up and not to his homes) for a total of 2 weeks.
poor guy.


you can bet when I saw that Baja Fresh was coming to Dubai, I knew we needed to go.
It's one of John's all-time favorites.
It opened last week and we went Thursday night.

Baja Fresh tasted like California.
I've had songs do that to me before
and even smells.
but this may have been a first.

It tasted like our "hanging out" and dating days in Palo Alto- I'm not sure how many times we frequented the Baja on El Camino next to Jamba juice and Blockbuster (what a great combo).
they even had root beer to drink.
John had a large can of IBC root beer to go with it and I'm sure he was trying to imagine it was a Henry W's.
it was delish!!!
and so was the walk down memory lane (we miss you- California peeps)!

(Alecia, I had to include this picture because I love it and it makes John and I smile. I hope you're laughing too.)


  1. That must be so nice to have a taste of home! I don't think they have Baja Fresh here, but we loved it in AZ.

  2. I can totally relate to this and I'm so glad you have Baja Fresh and root beer!

    I loved your post on you Dubanniversary. It blows my mind that you live that far from home. But I love the pictures and you got some serious air in the one on the beach!

  3. Loved the GGB pic... ahhhh the memories! And yes, I laughed as soon as I saw it at the top of the page. :)