Wednesday, February 3, 2010

12 months

months 1-12 in order:

a little more about our birthday boy:
  • he crawls really fast,
  • I have no clue how much he weighs or how tall he is (haven't been to Dr. in months- oops),
  • has 2 bottom teeth and his two top teeth are half way in (they seem huge and spread apart, time will tell)
  • loves to talk/ babble/ make noise. Its like he's speaking a foreign language- maybe arabic?
  • eats sand at the playground and beach- he's getting better, but I still have to watch closely
  • sleeps like a champ at night- 12+ hours
  • drinks out of a straw really well
  • gave Ivy a round of applause for the first time the other day because she sang Happy Birthday to him.
  • enjoys crawling with an electronic device (preferably cell phone or remote control) in hand
  • enjoys playing on the trampoline while the kids are jumping (he loves getting bounced around!)
  • is almost always content when we're outside (on bike rides, walks, picnic blankets, beach. This may change when the weather changes, but for now it's our easiest remedy for restlessness)
  • is a pretty good eater.
  • Gave up a binky at 10 months (right around when teeth came in)
  • weened from nursing at 9 months (when I got shingles- did I forget to tell that story?)
  • can crawl up stairs and heads straight for them if they are available (like at church)
  • probably won't walk for another 2-3 months. I don't mind.
  • goes by "C", "lil' C","C- dog", "C- money" or "Canyon"
  • has red hair thats growing in blonde (almost white) giving him hair that is light at the roots with orangy tips. (hmmm?)
  • will probably/ hopefully recognize his grandparents from their pixelated computer faces on skype (if not visually- I'm sure he'll recognize the voices)
  • is just plain cool. We love him and have been so blessed by his energetic personality yet easy going nature. I love his kisses and nuzzles and I'm so happy he's mine for a while.


  1. what an awesome series of photos!!!

  2. Oh how can you pick a favorite - they are all so dang cute!

  3. He sounds like the perfect baby--I pray my baby will be just like him (I deserve that after my last one!)

    I can't believe you got 12 adorable pictures of him. Each one is so good and he's looking at the camera!! I'm impressed.

  4. Toria, he's darling! I love looking back over the first year of life!

  5. Love the pics. I need to remember to take individuals of my boys so I can do this too. I always take them together!

  6. I can't believe he's a year already. He is absolutely adorable- following in the footsteps of Asher and Ivy. This is a great idea to do a photo time line.