Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wobbly teeth

after the dentist visited Asher's school and did a quick check of all the kids' teeth Asher came home and said "guess what? The dentist told me I have a wobbly tooth"

I felt it
and then thought "wow- that dentist is being pretty generous calling that wobbly as it barely moved"
but I congratulated him, told him about the excitement of losing teeth and figured we were at least a month away from anything happening.

I was quite surprised while eating shwarmas with Nanna, Aunt Lizzie and the kids at Global Village that Asher came to me with his eyes wide after his first bite and tooth in hand.
(love Global Village, love cheap schwarmas, and love having Nanna and Lizzie with us)

He reacted with a bit of confusion and apprehension, not sure whether something bad happened or if this is what losing a tooth really feels like! It was exciting. He was excited and even I was excited and feeling kinda proud- not that he did anything- I guess just the mom excitement of watching kids grow up and get big!

The tooth fairy was rather generous giving him 6 dirhams (a coin for every year of his age) in a cute little matchbox hidden beneath his pillow. (about $1.50 USD)

about 3 weeks later. We were all sitting in the Amman Jordan airport- eating another dinner of schwarmas and Asher came up to me with a mouthful of chewed up food, telling me he just lost another tooth. We sifted through the food and found the tooth- excitement all around again! And this time Grandpa and Dad (John) were also there for the excitement. Nanna pre-empted the tooth fairy and gave him a dollar.

who knew schwarmas were the secret to wiggling out teeth!

a funny side note: one of Asher's best friends also lost his 1st tooth the same day. When Asher brought his money to school his friend was apparently excited to find out about the whole tooth under the pillow-fairy-money thing. His parents weren't aware of what he was doing until the following morning when he was upset and frustrated, looking all over for money that was not under his pillow, or his brothers or anywhere for that matter. He even questioned his teacher at school about it. His parents are from Iraq and apparently the tooth fairy doesn't visit there. When I told the mother (who is one of my good friends) about the tooth fairy- she just laughed and said "he'll get over it- we don't do that." I had to laugh but also felt kinda bad- maybe next time he loses a tooth I'll have him give it to Asher to put under the pillow for him at our house- since the tooth fairy visits here :))

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