Saturday, February 5, 2011

Canyon at 2 years

A little about this sunshine birthday boy for record keeping sake.
He's pretty easy going and independent. For the most part he just goes with the flow.

People often comment on how independent and just chill and even keel he is. I admit that he's he's like that about 95% of the time and the other 5% is the total opposite- to the extreme! He's screaming and wailing and not to be reasoned with and very strong willed.
Ever since the first of the year with the switch to morning church- his 5% has been the getting dressing part (why only on Fridays, I have no idea, other days he's fine). So, I my strategy has been to get all the kids fed and then I wrestle Canyon into his clothes and take him outside kicking and screaming where I buckle him into his car seat and have him wait for another 10 minutes while I finish rounding up our things and getting Ivy and Asher dressed. Usually by the time we pull out of the driveway he's calmed down and after our 30 minute drive to church, he's definitely in better spirits.

onto more positive things...

Canyon is coordinated. He can hold his own on the trampoline with the big kids, he jumps off curbs and steps and he throws a ball pretty hard.

He doesn't talk much, but he understands everything which is kind of fun when he silently responds to what I ask him to do.

He discovered the fun of trains and tracks under the Christmas tree and still enjoys playing (and destroying) the tracks his brother and sister make.

He enjoys nursery at church and is very enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning up, singing time and snacks.
He hums the Star Wars theme song and darth vader theme song (I find it kind of hilarious!)

He loves nutella. "tella"

He loves animals and isn't afraid like my other two. He'll pet any dog, and size and often seeks them out while in the park. He loves to let them lick his fingers and play with him. (definitely does NOT take after me)

He loves his siblings and is pretty good at making them laugh. He seems to know just what to do and keeps it going til the laughter stops and the joke gets old.

He's my little side-kick while the other two are at school in the mornings. He's a good little shopper. He picks out what he wants (and starts eating immediately), helps me get what I need, and lots of what I don't need (and don't buy- don't worry).

He loves throwing rocks in the fountain outside our backyard, and he enjoys playing on the playground at the preschool and the park.

I love this little guy- 5% crazy and all!


  1. Can't wait to get to know him better, your right he does remind me a lot of Drew.

  2. cute pictures, what surgery did he have?