Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ivy rides a [peddle] bike!!

Ivy has been extra tired the last couple days. (recovering from family in town and a whirlwind vacation I guess)
Today she whined about going to soccer (not to play, just to watch Asher) because she was too tired. I took her in the bike trailer with a blanket telling her to nap.
While there she walked all over the park finding her friends (and the potato chips in their mom's basket).
When we rode home she said she wanted her bike to go ride with the other kids, instead of going inside to grab her bike (I thought she was just being lazy) she grabbed her "new" bike (the peddle bike without training wheels- Asher's oldbike) and said she wanted to "practice a little."
I got off my bike, grabbed hold of her shirt so she could balance and walked with her about ten yards as she peddled and then got a little wobbly.
Next go I gave her a little push, grabbed her shirt for a few steps and then let go and watched her go and... she rode!
We started and stopped a few more times along with me trying to keep Canyon out of the way and try to take a video on the phone to document. (it was pretty tricky and I was glad when John showed up)
It was so cute and exciting for her to realize that she could really do it!

She's so proud of herself and I'm so proud of her!
Hopefully she'll do it again tomorrow. (post edit: she did and hasn't looked back)
She told me she needed to "practice" until she was 4 so she could ride a peddle bike when she's 5.
but she did it all while she's still 3!
(now if we can just get her swimming!)

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