Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter best...

day: Friday morning, mid December

time: about 30 minutes before church
plan: wear a little "Christmas best" to church in the few remaining weeks before Christmas because that's what you do in December.
BUT last years Christmas shirt and pants no longer fit Canyon.
PLUS I hadn't purchased any new Christmas best for this year.
BUT maybe the sweater vest would fit? (since they were never worn- the shirts and ties and corduroy pants were winter enough for our 80 degrees. and I think the appliqued scarf-wearing polar bear was sent with a bit of humor for the irony)

suggestion: "hey Asher- wanna wear these vests that Grandma sent us last year and be twins with Canyon?"
A)turned up nose, hesitant look in response.
I) a defensive whine declaring "heeeey, what about me, I wanna be twins with someone."

result: we hung her cute dress back in the closet, found a matching cute skirt and everyone was ready with time to spare for some quick photos before hoping in the car(something I often wish I did weekly but am excited to get a few times yearly).

Ivy, she continues to impress with her femininity with a touch of "brother" in her wardrobe choices. I'd say she's pulling it off quite well (if I do say so myself). Humor and irony.

because the series of photos just made me happy I decided to let you see the entire collection.


  1. photos to treasure FOREVER!!!

  2. Oh I miss you guys! I can't believe that Asher is 6! Bennett will join him next week. I wish they could play. Sad. When are you coming to the U.S. next? I want to see you guys!

  3. Too cute. I just spent a few minutes catching up on your family. I love to see all that you are up to. Loved your Thanksgiving. You are so creative. I think the world of you Toria.

  4. Oh they look so cute and so grown up! That Asher is a heartbreaker! We are still hooking him up with Mia when they both get to BYU, right? Miss you guys!