Sunday, January 16, 2011


Asher turned six, SIX years old on December 20th!

This was a milestone birthday, end of an era for our family.
It's like our family just transitioned into a new stage and his birthday turned the page.
We're not a family of 3 kids under 5 (which sounds young) anymore.
He'll be transitioning our family into "real" school this year instead of nursery school/ preschool.
and 6 is so close to 8 which is so close to 12 and then 16 and then 19.
It's just seems like the birthdays get closer together after 6.
and I've always had trouble guessing the ages of kids over 6.
when you're 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, it's pretty easy to tell-- give or take 6 months.
any age over 6 and I'm happy and lucky to guess within a year or 2.
and a year or two is a long time!!!

maybe I over- thought it all and am being a bit dramatic.
whatever the case. It happened.
We're growing up. HE'S growing up!
our baby turned SIX
and he's a great 6-year-old!

He's reading, and spelling, and adding and subtracting and riding a big(ger) bike and doing flips on the trampoline.
He's asking for friends to stay the night
and diving and swimming across the whole pool.
he throws the ball from 1st base to home with good aim and confidence.
He builds complicated lego ships without help following the instructions
and re-builds complicated lego ships without help by following his filed away instruction books and deciding how to improvise because of missing parts and pieces.
he loves his brother and sister and is (for the most part) good about telling his friends to be nice or how to include them.
He loves his carbs and sugar (not sure where he gets that ;)
He is shy in the spotlight of strangers, but confident among peers or with practice.
He has a perfect German accent (so they say)
He pretends he doesn't want kisses and snuggles, but I know it's just a front and he secretly loves them.
He's stubborn and determined.
He doesn't forget a reward, bribe or promise.
He's a careful and quite impressive artist.
He likes things neat and clean and is usually willing to help get them that way.
He loves surprises
and dancing to "cool" music
and making his parents proud.
He has a tender heart, he loves his friends and family, and misses everyone he loves that's far away (in America).
From Christmas 2004 until now, his birth continues to make the Christmas season even more special.

If I'm making him sound like the perfect child- I'm sorry because he's not.
he's a picky eater takes forever to eat dinner if it's not what he likes and complains quite a bit
he still whines or pouts more often than not when being told "no" about playdates and such
he's sneaky about getting the treats and snacks he wants when he wants it. (good thing I've figured out his secret spot in the corner of the living room behind the couch).
he forgets to flush the toilet
and he wants to have the privileges of the oldest AND the youngest.
he argues with and teases his sister
and he's still learning to share and be fair.

but I'll stop there and without a doubt say that I'll take the bad and then some for all the good and the blessings he brings into our lives.
Whoever said having a Christmas baby was a bad idea?

Happy birthday Asher!!! We love you to pieces.


  1. Isn't it crazy how fast 6 years go? He does look so big{and your other kids too}. Happy birthday Asher. Fun reading about all your adventures over there. Hope you are well.

  2. I don't think you're being dramatic -- savor every little minute. Our oldest was just six five seconds ago and now he has to shave! It goes by at a frightening speed. What a joy. He's adorable (my oldest won't let me call him stuff like that any more). Lots of love from the Southern Hemisphere to the Eastern.