Monday, January 17, 2011

super hero party

Asher and one of his school buddies teamed up and had a joint birthday party this year.
(Well actually the moms teamed up as she is one of my closest neighborhood friends).

Asher turning 6 and Lucas turning 5. When we first arrived in Dubai Asher and Lucas hit it off immediately. Because they haven't been in class together these past 2 years, they're not as close as the used to be, but I think they still enjoyed sharing their day together.

We had superheros everywhere. (I made almost 50 capes in preparation- yes crazy!)
we had lots of food (with thanks to my friends as well)
a super hero obstacle course
mask decorating station (that turned out to be a hit)
and a special visit from a GI Joe*/ superhero trainer/ magician!!! (what a combo)

It was a great party! of course there were things I would change or do differently, but then I tell my brain to stop thinking about it- it's just a six year olds birthday and the cake and presents and all the attention were perfection!!!

*side note about our celebrity guest. The week before Asher's party was our church Christmas party that included dinner and a casual talent show. One of the Filipino guys in the ward is great with kids and he did a few simple magic tricks that wowed the kids. Asher asked if he could come to his birthday party and sure enough, he not only came, he called a few hours before and asked if he could come in a costume. Since he didn't have any comic book superhero stuff, he pulled out the army gear and had all the kids mesmerized, especially the boys (and one girl asking if he was an astronaut- and Ivy was terrified- go figure). So sweet of him to take time to come to Asher's party especially since we hardly knew him up until then (he and his wife have been in the other ward for a long time, but are new to ours)
** sidenote #2: Ivy had "pajama day" at school and fell asleep after school while helping me decorate the park for the party. She stayed asleep as the party started and ended up as a pajama super hero for the rest of the day.


  1. thanks for the photos, it's nice to have see what I've heard all about. Ivy looks like a pink catgirl.
    where's Canyon's cape?

  2. Did you make a cape for yourself, supermom? I love all the photos. WHat an undertaking! Wish we could have been there too!

  3. Love the party. You are amazing Toria! I wish we lived closer. I am always looking at these fun ideas of your, and thinking, I should do that.

  4. ready anytime for Canyon & Ivy's Birthday, also would like to see the wound!