Wednesday, January 12, 2011

39 years!

no not us silly!

we still have a few good years in our thirties still.

It's the UAE (United Arab Emirates-the country where we live- in case you were wondering. Dubai is not a country, just a city and an Emirate) celebrated it's 39th year on December 2nd.

It's been fun to get into the festivities the past few years.
The kids were asked to wear UAE colors or traditional dress (dish dash or abaya) to school as part of the celebration. We went with the UAE colors but I gave Asher the option. When I got out his dishdash he quickly refused and went for what was "cooler".

I bought the sweatband set for Asher and quickly made a no sew tulle skirt for Ivy the night before. Everything else was strategically put together with items already in their wardrobe and a couple stickers.
(nevermind Ivy's pink shoes- she just broke her neutral colored sandals and we were in a rush to get out the door. I didn't want her to wear her black soccer cleats- as she's done numerous times previously- so I didn't address the mis-matched issue)

The came home from school looking just as sharp with henna tattoos and bellies full of fresh juices, date cookies and flavored camel milk.

Unfortunately John was working in Saudi Arabia again on the actual National Day holiday (while everyone else was enjoying fun family days off). We used the day to set up the Christmas tree and play in the park with friends. I would have loved to drive to Abu Dhabi and enjoy their firework/ crazy street party like we did 3 years ago. Maybe next year? (If we're still here?)

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