Wednesday, January 12, 2011

camping in the dunes

in mid November we enjoyed a break from school and work for the Eid holiday.
one night we enjoyed camping with about 6 other families from church.
We enjoyed lots of great food (isn't everything always yummy cooked on the campfire?) add to that, a gourmet chef and we were eating all evening.
Canyon didn't sleep well so John and I didn't sleep well either. It got a bit windy at night and we were all covered with a nice film of sand/ dust.
John was nice and got up with Canyon in the morning just as the sun was rising. He had a beautiful hike with the little guy up and down the freshly groomed sand dunes enjoying the magic of morning. We both wish he would have taken a few photos.
I got my best sleep in those early morning hours with Canyon out of the tent.
Asher and Ivy slept cozy together in their lightening McQueen tent.

We played around for a couple more hours on the quad bikes and dunes before packing it up and heading home.
Nothing like camping within an hours drive of home. Next time maybe I'll pack it up at bedtime :)
(sort of)


  1. Love all the news! When we were in Cambridge we took K. camping in Andover. She was so excited to camp that no one got any sleep. The next night we had dinner and the campfire and then drove back to westgate. Much better! This summer we did a big trip to the redwoods. Sleeping didn't work so great that time (really noisy neighbors, a little too cold without knit hats etc.) but we are getting better at camping with little ones!

  2. These dunes look fabulous T! We just may need to come visit you and do some dune camping. Maybe we could put Canyon and Sterling in a tent together and let them just keep each other company.