Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am still alive
here in Dubai.
I know I never finished posting about our vacation that took place in June- and there has been a camel's paradise as the face of my blog page for 2 months!!!
I didn't write about all the fun things we did to stay busy this summer and survive the heat.
or our 3 week vacation to the U.S.
in fact I never finished writing about last year's vacation to the U.S.
lots of things that I wanted and needed and planned to write about but...

I've missed this little blog.
a lot.

I have lots of excuses- although mostly it was just a classic case of getting behind and not knowing where to start- or wanting to start, but not having the photos (I have an issue with always wanting to post photos).

I do have some more valid excuses like
jet lag
and traveling
and a husband traveling (so I spend my nightly computer time on the phone with him)
or an August full of night time fitness classes
oh and I just finished collecting and compiling, formatting and editing our RS cookbook (which I'm taking to the printer Thursday!)- that was lots of September.
plus I had a Relief Society party to plan.
establishing a new post-summer routine.
dealing with an uncertain living situation.
knowing I needed to post something about our upcoming move but
I think, I thought ,that if I avoided talking about it (or writing about it)
then it wouldn't happen.
but it looks like it will.

We're preparing to pack up and leave Dubai.
We're moving to Doha Qatar.
(if you don't know where that is- it's basically just a 45 minute plane ride from here)

I've been sad and not ready and more sad. But I've also been in denial, feeling at peace and confident that there are good things to come.
I still haven't fully wrapped my head around everything (and I've known this since July!!!)
I'll share more details as they come along with lots of other things that need some blog attention (lots of back posts)

good to be back.


  1. Exciting! I was hoping you were moving to my neighborhood since you were showing your husband houses, but Provo, Qatar, what's the difference, really?

  2. Where to begin?! I know its hard to leave the familiar unfamiliar for the new unfamiliar, and start all over again in some ways. You took the UAE by the horns and made it a great experience, and I know you'll do the same in the new locale :) We miss you! It was so good to talk to you a few months ago, we're due for another call, this one without my kids freaking out in the background.

  3. I'm glad you're back! I can't wait to hear about your new adventures but I'm sure it is so hard to leave your friends in Dubai.

    You'll be happy no matter where you are because you are that type of person. Good luck!

  4. Are you serious!?! that is wonderful and sad all together. I can't imagine how you must feel, but just keep the hope that good things are to come. You can make it great where ever you are, because thats just you. Im excited to keep up with the move through your blog. Give everyone in Dubai my love!

  5. Wow, another move. I am sure it will be a bit of a transition but you are so good to make friends wherever you go. If anyone can do this, you can. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Best wishes!

  6. Hi Toria! I did a RS cookbook, too. Lots of work! We used Morris Press Cookbooks, though, and that helped. I wonder what you'd use in Dubai!?! Miss you!!

  7. Well, it's nice to stay in one place. I'm glad things have worked out to your liking for now. If Doha ever comes into the picture again- my parents are there and my mom would probably be thrilled to help orient you.