Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No-ha to Doha.

(random photo of me looking in mirror at top of Burj al Arab with the Palm Island reflected from window behind me)

It's been a whirlwind of a week- lots of tossing and turning and anxiety.
and with this week behind us, I realize that the past MANY months have sort of been a whirlwind of uncertainty.
but now- peace!
As I mentioned last week,
John was prepared to start work in Doha on Monday and begin our transition over there.
Plane tickets were booked, housing arranged, current job notified etc etc
but he didn't go
Things became more clear, decisions became more final and we decided NOT to move to Doha.
We're not moving.
We're staying in Dubai (not forever, but for now)
and it feels great.
It's such a blessing to feel confidence and reassurance in our decision
(and to know that John feels confident in that decision too).


this also means, don't cancel those plane tickets, or plans or thoughts of visiting just yet. We would love visitors- and the weather is just about perfect for it.
Come! We'd love it!

Thanks for all the support and kind words. It's so great to hear confidence and reassurance from people who know me and love me and who I love in return!

now, on to Halloween. We've got costumes to make and a pumpkin patch to host. (more on both soon!)


  1. Glad things worked out for you guys. It is nice to know when you made the right decision, sometimes that can be so hard to just trust! Hope you are well and back to blogging!

  2. Yeah for you! Isn't it great to finally feel settled and at peace in a decision when you know what the opposite feels like? So happy for you.

  3. It sounds like the right thing for your family, so I am so excited for you. I am so glad that you are enjoying Dubai!

  4. WHAT!?!?! That is wonderful! It only makes me want to move back more! I am thrilled for your whole family.