Sunday, October 10, 2010

back in school

Summer is definitely not over according to the weather- but our summer vacation is over, friends are back from their home countries and Asher and Ivy are both in school 5 days/ week. School started when we were still in the US, but they only missed the first 2 days. Our flight landed on a Tuesday night and Ivy went to school the next morning, she was so excited (and picked her outfit- "rainbow shirt and twirly pink skirt" from Grandma)

They go to a preschool in our neighborhood that has 4 age levels up to KG2 (kindergarten).
Asher is in KG2 and it's his 3rd year at the school so he's kinda like a Senior, the big man on campus. Ivy is in Nursery level (a sophomore)- she went a couple mornings for part of the year last year.
I really like their school- lots of great teachers, beautiful projects and activities and art and some wonderful families. Plus it's a short bike ride from home- big bonus!!!

Ivy was thrilled to be in Indigo class (the same classroom Asher went to when he started-2 years ago) and 6 of the kids in her class have a sibling in Asher's class which is also fun.

Asher has new teachers (who he met last year) and 15 kids in the class- ALL of whom were in his class last year. He was excited to see everyone after a long summer apart, but also kept asking to go back to America because "it's too hot here". He wants the best of both worlds.

Ivy's biggest adjustment will be learning German, but so far that doesn't seem to phase her.
at least, she hasn't complained about it.
She's heard it from Asher. She already knows her numbers 1-10, and when I ask her if she knows anything else in German she replies:
"No, but I can say 'delicioso'- that's Spanish".
(her Aunt Annie taught her that while in Utah and she hasn't forgotten- I kid you not she's told me that line at least half a dozen times)


  1. It does my heart well that she remembers delicioso! Such a doll - we miss her (and everyone else) everyday!

  2. Evan says "Excellente, Mama!" At dinner, thanks to Derek. And Greta says, "I want to wear my elephante sleepsuit!" Again, thanks to Derek.