Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the must have accessory.

while organizing our photos I stumbled across a few that triggered a memory:

About a year ago, Ivy was in tears as I was getting her dressed for church, sobbing that she wanted a "tattoo".
well, actually, it sounded more like:
"I {sob, sob} wan-nuh taaah-tooo"
and progressively turned more demanding to:
"I WAN- UH- TAI- TOO {sob sob sob}!!!"
I was a bit confused, but not alarmed because she was familiar with tattoos.
One of their favorite sweeties is a piece of chewy candy wrapped like a tootsie roll with a stick on tattoo inside the wrapper.
She'd also seen and experienced henna a time or two.

but my answer was a definite "no"
It's not that I have a problem with the fake stuff (I know many parents who disagree with this stance and tell me I better be careful 10-20 years from now)
my "No" stemmed from not having any fake tattoos on hand
and even if I did, not allowing it because I like my kids to appear clean and well groomed for church.

and then Ivy continued crying, and pointing.
and questioning and pointing
and it hit me.
she wasn't saying "taah-too" she was saying "TIE-TOO" as in:
"I want a tie too!" (please mommy "just like Asher")

if only she would have calmed down and given me all the information (how many times will I think that in the next 15 years?)- oh the drama of little girls.

Here's a handful of Ivy's tie- donning Fridays.

(after going through photos of the past year, I realized I may need to start a regular feature of Ivy's eclectic wardrobe choices)

and here's a shot of my boys in ties, just because (I think they look so grown up- especially C)
if only Asher were as insistent and excited about wearing a tie as Ivy.


  1. I can't believe how grown up Canyon is! And those colors in those bottom photos look FABULOUS on him. And I have to admit I LOVE Ivy's tie-adorned outfits. VERY STYLISH! I think she is at the forefront of new little girl style. I LOVE it!

  2. Ivy is such a doll, what a cute story to document. I'm loving her divaness (I have one as well and they are a lot of fun!).

  3. Such a cute story T. I love the many cute ties you have. Do tell me where you find them!

    PS- your kids are absolutely adorable and growing up so fast!

  4. My kids loved fake tattoos when they were little (I used to draw tattoos on them with Sharpies just for kicks) (um....I still might do that), but none of them want a tattoo now that they're teenagers. In fact, they think tattoos are stupid because they're permanent.

    I say, henna and fake tattoo those kids all you want!

  5. Love the story. I'm with you on the tattoos. I need to go find more ties for our little Monkey. Your kids are so cute.

  6. I love that she is a tie girl! You have a future fashion designer on your hands. She is gorgeous. And those boys... so handsome and grown up. Canyon looks SO "Clason" to me.

  7. Boy, this is so true. I think if I'd read this a few months ago, I wouldn't relate as well. Greta is in a stage where she needs a bracelet, or a bow, or her doll needs some accessory we don't have. Greta just doesn't have an older brother, or she'd probably want a tie too.