Monday, July 19, 2010

Father's Day

Because Father's day (and Mother's day) are Sunday holidays, celebrating them while living over here is different.
we're faced with feeling like we should celebrate on Friday because it's church and we always go to church on Father's day,
but then not every nationality celebrates Father's Day in June
it's technically 2 days early.
but if we wait til Sunday, John is back at work and it doesn't feel like a regular day holiday.

so we sort-of celebrate it.
Needless to say, our Mother's and Father's day celebrations are really low key or have even been a bit brushed over and forgotten.

This year we got together with some close friends for a farewell dinner after church (some of our closest friends were moving back to the US that night)
I was asked to bring dessert so I decided to surprise the all 4 dad's (in recognizing Father's day) and make these brownie burgers, on cupcake buns with sugar cookie fries. I have been wanting to make them every since I saw them here last summer. I made dessert for all, but only did the cute packaging for the dads.

I thought they turned out pretty cute and they seemed to enjoy them. (note Asher lovingly waiting for the 2nd bite.)

It was perfect for our fathers/ husbands as they enjoyed their Friday afternoon together (watching the U.S. in it's exciting world cup match against Slovenia)


  1. okay, those are so stinking cute, but I would sooo much rather have a hamburger than a brownie. My mouth is watering just thinking about hamburgers.

    I love Ivy's tie obsession. I cannot believe how big your kids are getting - especially Canyon.

    FYI: we are going to be in Utah the last week of August - when are you going to be there?

  2. wow T.C., holy cow. A lot of work went into those. How did you make the packaging, so cute, I'm very impressed.

  3. Anna- you've always been a meat-lover! Can't wait to see you.
    Nancy- we'll see you in Utah too. Thanks for the compliment, however if you click over to the link I posted to bakerella, you will see that she has pdf files of all the packaging. I just download, print, cut and paste. I think the packaging made it all so cute and would be so fun for any patriotic or burger occassion (except that it would require a tiny bit of creativity designing/ printing non-father's day wrapping- although she did include a pdf for a blank fry-holder)