Tuesday, June 15, 2010

why hello!

sorry it's been a while and I've left your mouth watering (or not) with that mango sticky rice for weeks. Anyone try it?

because there are too many places to start (and too many things I continually leave out of my blogging archives) I thought I'd start with:

a list

a rundown of some fortunate and unfortunates in our lives these days:

fortunately: husband is in town this week (after 3 weeks M-Th in the Kingdom of Saudi
unfortunately: I think he'll be back there again next week.

fortunately: summer is here with vacations and play dates
unfortunately: the heat of summer in these parts means finding most of our fun indoors (or out of town)

fortunately- Canyon is walking confidently
unfortunately- he's so confident his body often moves faster than his little legs. bumps and bruises daily.

fortunately- we have many friends who have become family to us out here
unfortunately- some of those friends have moved or are moving this week and we're in the midst of the dreaded summer moving season.

fortunately: So You Think You Can Dance is back and so is Neil! (and Alison!)- I loved them the first time around.
unfortunately:so is Comfort. Unless they're street dancing, I fear for her partner. All-star? really? Where is Sara? I also would have liked to see Gev as an All-Star. loved him!

fortunately- Asher is finishing up his last week of preschool and is speaking German! (according to his teachers and many of the German speaking parents)
unfortunately- John and I don't speak a bit of German.
fortunately- Asher teaches me things here and there
unfortunately- I don't know how to make the words sound "bumpy" (his term, not mine)

fortunately- my dad is starting a new business (something he's wanted to do for years)
unfortunately- that means my parents are leaving our Phoenix home and moving to Texas! (tears for the change and saying goodbye to my childhood home, not necessarily Texas although the Big Sky has to still win me over.)

fortunately: I ended the 3 week break in my blog with this post.
unfortunately: it's past my bedtime so I'm not uploading any pictures or using any links.

good night.
I've missed you- so say hi if it's been a while.


  1. Well HI! So many things to say...

    I'm sad your parents are moving too! (although selfishly, cuz that means you probably won't come back to AZ for visits)

    Comfort! Oh, don't even get me started!!! I'm right with ya there. My favorite who SHOULD have been an all-star is Katie. Where is she??

    Let me know if you end up doing the chore charts! FUN!

    Love, Amy

  2. Wunderbar, Asher!
    and, Toria, thanks for the motherhood post a while back...I'm printing it out to stick in my journal for future reference...

  3. I love this fortunately unfortunately post! A perfect way to capture how both sides are present in everything!

  4. HOORAY!!!!! I actually screamed when I read this post. I LOVE your parents for moving to Texas. I can see you everytime you visit the states. That is the best news of the month. Maybe year. Yes, definitely year - it's been a hard one. Thanks for cheering me up!!! Now, when are your parents moving? and when are you coming to visit them? Email me all the details. I cannot wait to see you and your cute kids. Oh, I love Texas. Thank you for bringing my friend back to me!! Hip, hip hooray!!!

    And I want to see cute Canyon walking pictures.

  5. It was so good to talk to you. It's hard to be holding down the fort (and not for the first time) while friends move away. The other day Brigham took Elijah to this play of Peter and the Wolf and the narrator said, "Peter had the spirit of an adventurer!" several times, and it reminded me of you. "Toria has the spirit of an adventurer!!"

  6. Texas? What the? What is he doing? Selling homemade BBQ sauce? Cattle Ranching? Opening a Sno Cone hut?

  7. I love your posts Toria. I've thought of you often and your adventures.
    What part of Texas? I went to high school in Austin and loved it. I love Texas!

  8. Next time I go to complain about the summer heat, I will think of you!

    Way to go, Asher! We're both German speakers, and hope to raise Mini that way as well. It's a hard language. Lance always says you have to pronounce things like you're gargling yogurt.

    Meant to make the rice, got lazy. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Well we definitely need to talk because I want to hear about the new business. Is it the concrete one??? Are they excited? How is your mom dealing with leaving AZ??? Holy smokes, I get more worked up just thinking about it.

    I'm also happy to know that we are So You Think You Can Dance kindred spirits. I just wish we could watch it together.
    Luvs, B. Lets really set up a time to talk!!!

  10. You are such a creative writer. I love the fortunately / unfortunately.

  11. Nooooooooo!!! Texas? Shooty. When are we going to meet up? Are you coming the U.S. this summer? We need to plan something. Maybe we should plan a girl's weekend at least.

  12. FYI for your readers...
    1- It's an asphalt sealing business, selling, not doing.
    2- The business is in Lancaster (south of Dallas)
    3- House hunting in Ellis County, near Midlothian & Waxahachie.
    4- Quinn & Cameron have a house near Ovilla, hopefully we'll be moving them next week.
    5- I'm dealing, but I'm sick of bubble wrap, boxes & packing tape.
    (Packing Tip-Press&Seal works great, better than tape on bubble wrap!!!)

  13. I can't believe that the Cutler's are moving!!! Wow, lots of changes all at once, new job, house, state. Thanks for the update. I hope that means that you'll still find time to visit Toria!! We'll be out of town a couple of days in August, but around besides that.