Sunday, May 2, 2010

books and boxes

one of our favorite books around here is:
Not a Box by Antoinette Portis (gift from Grandma- thank you!)

so with book character dress up day at preschool- we thought creating some sort of "NOT-A-BOX" costume was in order.
John and Asher did most of the work one night .
Asher was thrilled to stay up late but for whatever reason he kept clarifying that he wanted to build a car for "art" and not "wear it".
once it was built- there was no question he was going to proudly show it off.

we considered painting it, but I kinda like it in it's au naturel/ eco-friendly glory (plus it matches the book)

we may have to gather a few more boxes because Canyon and Ivy both want one too.

At school they had a parade.
Asher also read his book for his teachers and some of his friends.
and again today for the whole class.
(he has it memorized- so technically he's not reading it, just telling the story- it's pretty cute. Ivy knows how to read it too)


  1. Asher is soo cute and car is amazing. Isn't it great when we can turn these assignments over to the husband? They always do a great job. I'll have to find that book.

  2. OK. You are fabulous parents. AND... your kids are adorable. Thanks for the book idea too, not that my kids are doing anything but eating books right now!

  3. You guys are good parents and it shows on Asher's face, love the car, I'll have to check out that book.

  4. Thanks ladies. Yes, the book is a cute simple one- good gift idea for teachers/ moms. I'll maybe post about it.

    We were even such good parents that part of our FHE lesson was about Nephi building a boat (we're using the new Nursery manual) and we built the car in place of the boat. Some weeks we're on and some weeks we're off. Don't be deceived, but I'll take the compliments with a bit Thank you! I try!