Monday, March 15, 2010

you say it's your birthday...

...well it's my birthday too!

seems like I continually find really cool people who share my birthday or birth week.
I like it.
I think it's great.
I like the friends I have met who share my birthday
or who celebrate it near my day.
I've yet to share my birthday with someone I didn't like
and I'd like to think I'm part of some cool astrological club and I get to some of the traits and talents that I admire in my fellow pisces.
(happy birthday to you too!)

(Hafsa, Violetta, Malak w/Hannah, Me w/Ivy, and Alyssa at brunch)

this year celebrated with some of my "school friends" (aka moms of Asher's classmates).
4 of us had consecutive March birthdays (the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th).
and collectively we turned 145.
we kicked off our shared birthdays with a brunch on the 9th and ended with a 5 year old's birthday party on the 12th. The mom of the 5 year (also a "school friend") had a special cake just for us.
So sweet.
(Malak, Me, Hafsa and Alyssa at the birthday party)

Malak is from Egypt,
Hafsa is from Iraq, and
Alyssa is from the U.S. (although her husband is Belgian and she was born in Mexico- I tell you this because I think it sounds cooler than if I just told you she was American like me. right?) me, also the U.S.
oh and Violetta. She is from Lithuania and also has a March birthday, just later in the month.

it was fun to share a bit of my birthday celebrations with this group.
Funny how we're friends
because of our kids
and because of where we live
and because we share birthdays!

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