Wednesday, March 10, 2010

what's a haboob?- a riddle

(this is after the haboob)
a riddle:

you're outside
you see faces and heads wrapped in scarves, but it's not cold.
it's so bright you need sunglasses, but you can't even see the sun.
you're neither sad nor quiet, but you regret smiling and even opening your mouth.
you need a shower but you just took one. and your not smelly or sweaty.

because you live in a desert and it's a dust storm or sand storm or {in Arabic} haboob.
Thick air- can't see the sun, bright as can be with fine dust everywhere.
smiling leaves a thin film on your teeth
and your skin feels dirty all the time.
if you wear contacts, forgeddaboutit!
thankfully I don't (but my mom does and she was hear for dust storm season last year)

actually, I don't really know if it's a season
but it came and went and these are the only pics I have to document.

(these were taken from the car during the haboob- it looks milder than it felt)

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