Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my birthday.

chocolate chip waffles.
birthday wishes from friends and family far way (thank you internet and friends and family who sent them).
text messages from my local friends too (love that txt msg beep)

lunch with a small group of girlfriends
beach facing, beautiful weather
sat inside cuz tables were full outside and people were smoking.
waited a while for the kitchen to switch from breakfast menu to lunch menu (12:30)
didn't even notice the wait cuz there's never a shortage of conversation when you're with girlfriends right?
love my "church friends"

(Dawn, Marilee, Tiffani, Andrea, Jennie, me, Caitlin and baby Olivia- all {coincidentally} Americans. we do have some non-American "church friends" we just wouldn't let them be in the picture. Just kidding. Unfortunately, they just missed lunch.)

Dinner at Souk Madinat.
great atmosphere. Lots of great restaurants.
Unfortunately the one we picked was not good (at least not that night)
both a bit disappointed.
forgot my camera.
but still a great night with my favorite date!

(didn't take this photo- this is a pic. of the restaurant we ate at. Pretty huh?)

Looking forward to our anniversary at the end of the month.
Planning to pick a better restaurant that will make up for that one.

waited a day to open presents so the kids could participate.

an alarm clock/ i-pod dock
and a basket for my bike- I love them both!

(note to self and to all of you: stand don't sit when taking a pic with bike. It might make the booty look smaller)

still waiting to enjoy birthday pizookie.
(something John would rather make and eat than making and eating a cake)
we keep putting it off for a less busy night (is there such a thing?)
may be my St. Patricks/ belated birthday treat.


  1. so i am the worst sister-in-law ever! lizzy even told me it was your birthday and i didn't send you a note. so sorry! well, happy birthday now! did you guys ever get my christmas package? hope so. oh, yeah, did my mom tell you i'm pregnant? i have been meaning to tell you that too! i am just totally out of it. i'm due august 26th, and, it's a boy!

    what is pizookie?

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I'm excited to know that I get to join your super exclusive birthday club--well almost--I'm on the 18th. There are a ton of March b-days.

    I love the picture on the bike. I totally laughed because last year in Sun Valley, my husband took pictures like that of me on a bike except I was in padded bike shorts which made my behind look gigantic. I couldn't even post the pics. You look cute in your shot!

  3. Happy Birthday! I am also looking forward to my March birthday. It is the best month to be born! I am about to leave my 20s...should be an adventure!

  4. Hope you had a beautiful b-day T.C., looks like you had fun!

  5. Looks like you had a great Birthday! You look so beautiful with that new hair cut. We sure miss you guys. Seeing pics of Dubai makes me miss you all even more!

  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like all is well in Dubai! I love the cute basket on your bike! Also...small world... I love your friend Caitlins style blog, I have been following it for a while and then just saw her randomly on your blog.
    HOpe all is well!!!!

  7. pizookie!
    cookie baked in a pizza pan (deep dish)
    while hot and a little undercooked. Top with scoops of vanilla ice cream!

  8. I'm glad you had a good birthday! My March birthday was great too. We are in Phoenix now and wish you were here. Come visit us in Delaware sometime (once we finally get there). We would love to visit you in Dubai but it may be a while :-(