Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dubai Zoo.

We've done and seen many things in Dubai. (many of which haven't made it to the blog- I'm working on being better)
Dubai Zoo is not high on the list of "must-see/ must-do"
but with the nice weather
and a bunch of moms and kids looking for an excuse to get together
we went for it.

It was small, smelly in parts, and not particularly humane (by U.S. standards).
it was fun, beautiful weather, great company, surprising number and variety of animals and only 2 dirhams to get in (about 50 cents).
and kids under 3 were free.

the kids loved:
the giraffe's, lots of monkeys, a tiger (in a tiny cage), a lion (in an equally small cage) a peacock with it's tail feathers spread wide (is this a sign of aggression or some pre-mating flaunting?), an ostrich and ram sharing space and food (random?), alligators (or were they crocodiles?), a stork, turtles and tortoises, and having the space and lack of crowds to run around and yell to their friends:
"hey look it's a ____"
Asher was was a great big brother and boyfriend (holding hands with Ivy and Ella {younger girls} running around with Lauren and Kelly-Jo and the other girls {his age}.)
Canyon napped in the stroller for most of it
and Ivy insisted on those pink socks when she got dressed that morning.
just so you know.

Great day!
May go back sometime.
probably won't take you there when you come to visit.


  1. I just took my kids to the zoo too. Just so you know, we don't even have a lion at our zoo (at least not a big one.) I can't believe the price--it costs a fortune to go here. I'm jealous of your weather--seeing your kids in shorts gives me spring fever.

  2. Our zoo is even cheaper - Free!
    Asher looks like a little ladies man.
    And I would not have even noticed the pink socks except that you mentioned it.
    And I love the stroller picture.

  3. He's gonna be a player like his dad and string his wife along for years before he finally comes to and marries her.