Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this time..

this time...
... yesterday
we played on the beach, took impromptu family photos, and reminisced about the last time the two of us were posing for cameras (was it really 7 years ago? we probably need to take more photos of us- right after we lose a few lbs).
we ate dinner out- but planned our "fancy night" for this weekend.
I think we also need to plan a fancy vacation.

... last year
an afternoon phone call from the Stake President asking us to meet with him that night, led to a change in our dinner plans. Fortunately we already had the babysitter arranged and having the kids taken care of, gave us time to wrap our heads around the new responsibilities John (and our family) would soon assume as he agreed to be president of our church unit (branch). No fancy dinner. Plenty of fancy emotions.

...2 years ago
new to Dubai (in town less than 2 wks). no babysitter so we went out to dinner out with the kids- Asian noodles. Afterwards John dropped me at the church for a party with all the women (aka enrichment) because I desperately needed to make friends. or even just a friend.

the next weekend we hired a babysitter and went out to Lebanese food in the Dubai Marina. It was probably our first date in 3 months and my first time away from both kids in about the same length of time. We needed it just as much as I needed a friend (in town).

...3 years ago
high heeled and VERY pregnant (Ivy came 2 weeks later), we headed to the Boston temple and the not-so-fancy-but-yummy-Cheesecake factory for dinner. Sometimes when you're hungry, and craving- predictability is in order, not fancy or unique. Asher was in the loving care of our favorite Brooks family- and although they told us to take our time, for some reason I worried about over-burdening them (boy- I think I've come a long way since then.)

...4 years ago
He got in!!! John's scramble to study, test, essay and apply to grad school paid off and he was in! Wish I remembered which room we were "finishing up" in the house that week. Our plans to go biking down in Monterrey were cancelled due to rain, and never re-scheduled due to the discovery (in prepping for the trip) that my bike was stolen. Our friends the Voydats let us borrow (and then keep) their bike trailer for the ride and our kids (and groceries) are still enjoying the very same trailer today.

...5 years ago
left 3 month old Asher with his first babysitters, our good friends Teri and Ben. I gave Asher his 7pm feeding and then left, hoping that he wouldn't need the 10pm feeding as I had been working on dropping it. Hope prevailed!! Fondue for dinner and a baby that slept 11 hrs all the way thru- for the first time- Mmmmm!

...6 years ago
spring break trip to Utah, hotel get-away, wedding of close friends, visits with sisters and brothers. Sleeping in!!! It was a refreshing and much needed escape from work, early morning seminary teaching, and our construction-around-every-corner-house. In fact, so refreshing and relaxing that 9 months later- Asher was born. (uhh... is that too much info?)

...7 years ago
friends and family spring-breaking with us in Phoenix.
loving, supporting, advising, photographing, dancing, reminding and making our wedding and marriage what it was and is.
this is our life.
and I love it.
and him!

John was embarrassed that I might re-cap years and years of failed fancy anniversary celebrations.
but I quite like the ways in which our celebrations give way to the other happenings in our lives because the other happenings in our lives are why {I think} we are worth celebrating.

don't get me wrong, I also enjoy a little fancy planning/gifting/ dining every now and then too. Who doesn't?


  1. I didn't know John is branch pres! You guys and your fancy secrets :)

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! That was a fun day. :)

  3. Cute post. I cannot think of anyone more flexible than you - I am sure you really did see all these times as parts of life, more important than all the fancy dinners. Even before I read that Asher came 9 months later, I knew what a productive vacation that one was ;)

    Your picture from yesterday looks great. Although I don't know how you can capture John in all these pictures without the MLB shirt.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I remember the day well. I even remember what your sealer's marriage advice to you was much more than I remember my own! You guys look great!

  5. Happy Anniversary. I'm impressed that you can document each anniversary so well. I'm not sure I could do the same. Maybe the fact that I've already had 21 anniversaries gives me a good excuse?

  6. Much love to you both! Wishing you were here to celebrate! I remember your wedding reception well, and said I was leaving....Now THAT was a party!

    Love you guys!

  7. You guys are cute, happy anniversary! I have a friend who has three kids who were all born in June, she says it's because her husband's birthday is in September, kinda funny, maybe you'll be having another one next Christmas!

  8. Can I just say I LOVE this post. Your pictures are so great--every one and what are you talking about that the two of you need to lost a few lbs before taking more pictures--you both look amazing.

    I love the failed anniversary dinners. You guys are so spontaneous and have such an adventurous life. I almost just said, "Here's to 7 more years together" but let's home it's a lot longer than that.

  9. Wow! 7 years....how many places have you lived in that time? :) I miss you Toria! Hope you and John many more happy memories of Anniversaries!

  10. That is very sweet. Isn't is wonderful to be in love!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Love you guys.

  12. Happy Anniversary! You guys look great!

  13. Aww. I remember that engagement photos--it's in a scrapbook somewhere. We're coming up on our anniversary as well--time flies!

  14. Very cute! It was cool to read through that list and remember were Randall and I fit in that list. You two are awesome!