Saturday, March 27, 2010


our mornings last week were really foggy.
It felt like a movie- as we would ride our bikes to school Asher and I would talk about how we were riding through the clouds.

it was fun to see our neighborhood in a different light.


we discovered these ginormous spider webs. we were already running late to school cuz I was taking pictures in the fog, but we stopped anyway to check out all the webs. Normally spiders AND their webs gross me out- so to see them as cool and beautiful was a new thing for me. Maybe I should read Charlotte's Web again.
I'm glad we explored them when we did because they weren't visible in the afternoon when the fog burned off and the foggy mornings only lasted a week. I'm afraid it's spring around here- which is an (uncomfortably) warm welcome to summer.

Asher loves all the spider web photos and asks dozens of questions about webs and spiders.

so I shared my photo with BLOOM and it's a finalist in their spring photo competition. (the assignment: send in every day photos that captured 'Spring" - this one did for me-).

Go vote (preferably for ME)
Thanks friends!!!

If I win, I may just do a double giveaway by re-gift the prizes by sending them to one of you (since mail seems to have a hard time getting to me over here).


  1. Great pics! I hate spiders. Ours don't get ginormous until the fall and Carson and I will count all the ones we see on our way to school,it gives me the heeby jeebies!