Monday, March 8, 2010

"Sana helwa ya Gameel!

That's Arabic for:

"Zum Geburstag viel Glück!"
which is German for:

"Happy Birthday to you!!!"

and I'm still a day late in a birthday post for my mom.

Asher and Ivy now proudly sing the birthday song in 3 languages and did it on skype for my mom . I think it's hilarious.
Asher learned at school.
Ivy of course just picks up whatever Asher does.
I tried to teach them a 4th (Spanish) but I don't think they trust that I really know what I'm talking about.

Random thoughts/ facts/ tidbits and trivia about my mom.
  • She is usually full of them* (*them as in random facts, tidbits and trivia)
  • my kids call her "Grandma" or "Grandma Cutler". John's mom is "Nana" and the whole great grandparent thing just confuses them.
  • brown fizzy beverages (Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper) are called "Grandma's juice". The kids can share if it's caffeine free (which her 'juice' usually is).
  • she's sewed 2 out of my 3 prom dresses. (the two cute ones. the third was just an embarrassment- wish I had a photo to share)
  • my mom and I share birthday weeks (along with 2 of my 3 sisters-in-law)
  • she lived over in this part of the world when she was my age (but she had FOUR kids. and it was Saudi Arabia not Dubai, and she didn't have a blog or skype or even a telephone for that matter)
  • she's rarely in photos cuz she's always the one taking them. Same with me.
  • if there's a seafood option on the menu- she'll most likely be ordering it.
  • Costco is her "corner market" equivalent
  • she's not afraid to drive long distances by herself and she's gladly done it many, many, many times to help me out.
  • she is thoughtful and creative in gifting things that someone collects and if you don't have a collection she'll come up with one for you.
  • she still reads the newspaper every morning.
  • she loves a good road trip/ vacation every summer and spring break.
  • she's one year closer to 60 but not there yet!
Happy Birthday- we love you!


  1. I can tell I like your mother--especially her juice! She is darling and reminds me of my mom!

  2. "Grandma Juice" Correction
    Grandma Juice is Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper & sometimes Diet Coke, (especially in Dubai where the other is way more expensive and John gets the other at work)
    "Grandpa Juice" is Diet Coke which we don't let the kids drink...Right John!!!!

  3. Good Mama! Just keep her out of that cramped and smelly zoo.

  4. Happy Birthday Beth! Cute pics, glad you're alive, and looks like your b-day is coming up too, are you going to celebrate at one of those fancy hotels? I think you should, Paris Hilton style! Are you coming to the U.S. this summer?

  5. It's been WAY too long since I've seen Beth. And who else other than you went to Prom three times? I mean seriously? Happy Birthday tomorrow. I love you and wish we could go out with the girls to celebrate your special day.

  6. PS - It's March 10th here. I know you're on the 11th.

  7. Happy Birthday Beth! And, Happy Birthday Toria!! Hope you have a great day!!