Monday, February 1, 2010

A whole YEAR!

We took treats* to the park this afternoon to share with friends
and strangers.
who doesn't love sugar?
and balloons?
and birthdays?
and our little C?
to meet him is to LOVE him.
at least that's what I said a year ago and people have been saying ever since.
Happy Birthday Canyon!!!

*{this was my first attempt at making bakerella's cake pops that I've seen a few times via blogs. I was nervous about making them, but it really was pretty easy. I think they look cute and I'm excited to try making the cupcake pops. Those look adorable, but way too time consuming for an impromptu party like today. I used boxed cake mix and frosting and the results were REALLY sugary sweet. Next time I may try making a cream cheese frosting to tone down the sugary part. Have you ever seen/ made these? Thoughts? Tips?}


  1. My thoughts on my first attempt was that they were a huge hassle, but I since made them with a friend more like you did and didn't try to mold them into cupcake form and they were much easier. I'd make them again, but they are pretty sweet like you said. I used cream cheese frosting though maybe that would make a difference. So cute though, worth it for the pics and kids sake. Happy Birthday Canyon!

  2. First, Canyon is adorable. I can't believe how you color coordinated the cake with the balloons--so cute. And I can't imagine that cake was easy--it looks hard for someone like me!

  3. he's so adorable, toria. and you look beautiful. what a fun and yummy time!

  4. i LOVE ivy's face in the bottom shot :)

  5. How many of those "pops" did Canyon eat, the way you have the pictures, it looks like he ate the whole plate full. Send me the pictures.

  6. Happy Birthday to your little guy! I remember seeing these on Melissa's blog. Riley's birthday is coming up, so I was thinking about what I wanted to bring to school, and I was scrolling through Martha, and saw these,and I really wanted to try them! I hope they were good!! (I don't think I'll make them into cupcake shapes too)