Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soccer, I mean football, I mean...

Soccer (because we're American!!!)

I signed Asher up for soccer last week.

It's not a league, there are no real games, it's just a coach teaching a bunch of kids how to play soccer.
Asher's coach is hilarious to me. He's got a thick Scottish accent and plays some great kid friendly drills.
I loved hearing his whistle followed by a "PUT YOUR [FOREHEAD] ON THE BALL" and seeing 20 boys laying or kneeling on the ground with their foreheads touching the soccer ball. (he interchanged the body part yelling things like elbow, belly, chin and even tongue.
And the boys obeyed.)

He called them "Stinky Sausages" when they were slow.
Asher thought that was hilarious.

as excited as Asher is to play and learn to play soccer.

Ivy is equally if not MORE excited.
Unfortunately she is too young (according to the football company rules)
but I couldn't bear to tell her that.
So she thinks she's on the team too.
When she knew it was time for soccer
I helped her get dressed (in Asher's old clothes)
she made sure she had her water bottle and her ball
she'd hear the coach gather everyone or give instructions and she'd pop her head up with an "Oh, my coach wants me to..."
and she followed that coach around as much as she could (while I wasn't trying to distract her with other things so that the coaches wouldn't reprimand her or me for letting her on the field).

This girl has some serious spunk and I love it!


  1. We love soccer at our house, too, sounds like a fun coach, Ivy is adorable, I would put her on my team!

  2. I just signed Tyler up for soccer, can't wait for it to start. Ivy is so cute, I LOVE that age!

  3. Ivy is the cutest thing ever. My daughter wants nothing to do with soccer even after I've bribed her to play with my friends' little girls. Sad for me.

    Asher's birthday party looked amazing. You should be a professional party planner. You put me to shame.

  4. Ok, I can hardly stand it. Remember our sweet days of BYU intramural soccer?