Sunday, November 8, 2009

it's all about the wings.

Here's how it went down.

Ivy decides to be a butterfly, and I suggest turning Canyon into a caterpillar.
we present the idea to Asher

his response: "Oh Yes!  I want to be a butterfly too!"
me: "what about a spider?"
Asher: "no, I want to fly.  I'll be a butterfly with Ivy."
me:  "but spiders have lots of legs. Or what about a fly or a bee?"
Asher: "no, I'll be a butterfly, and then we can be spiders next year, I don't like bees or flies".
***flash of inspiration***
me: "How about a bat!?!?"
Asher "Oh ya!  I'll be a bat!  You wanna be a bat Ivy?"
Ivy : "Oh ya, I wanna be a bat!"
me: "No, Asher, you're a bat and Ivy, you're a butterfly"
Asher: "how about this Halloween we can be bats, and next Halloween we can be butterflies?"

The conversation went on like this as I carefully guided their costume decision making.  Of course, I loved that Asher wanted to dress up with his sister AND I loved that he didn't think anything of a butterfly being "girly" (the hungry caterpillar turns into a butterfly and we all know it stayed the same gender)
maybe I should have just let him be a butterfly.
but I didn't. (I think they are "girly" even though I didn't use that as my reason for encouraging a bat)

He was equally excited about being a bat (once guided and prodded)
a skeleton bat.
because I needed a black hooded sweatshirt and the only one we have has a glow in the dark skeleton on the front.

and there you have it.
a hungry caterpillar, beautiful butterfly, and a skeleton bat (who got that one single picture taken before the camera battery died.)

inspiration for this costume: our sea kayaking/ cave adventure in Thailand last month.  We could smell and hear the bats above us, but only saw the few from the light of a flashlight or the quick flash of the camera.  Just looking at these pictures and seeing how many were really there,makes me fidgety.

just out of curiosity: Would you dress your son as a butterfly? 


  1. your Halloween costumes are so, so cute! As usual. I probably would not dress my son as a butterfly :) Grant had to get cast #2 on this week, and when they presented all the color swatches, he picked pink. I told him no. Mean mom, right? I think he just picked it because it was the biggest, brightest swatch, but he was happy with orange. Can you imagine a little three year old boy with a pink cast?

  2. Great costumes!
    No, I would never dress Brecon as a butterfly.
    The closest I think I would get to dressing him as a butterfly is dressing him as a moth. But it would be a very furry, ugly moth and it would have to be in conjunction with his friend dressing as Godzilla, so he would be Mothra.

  3. Would you believe we had THE SAME conversation at our house?! Jesse found the gigantic butterfly wings I made for LaRee many Halloweens ago, and was certain he wanted to wear them. He was also instantly agreeable to bat wings instead (nowhere near as cool as Asher's though!). No matter how much he wanted butterfly wings this year, I'm pretty sure he'd have hated me for allowing it when the pictures resurfaced in his teenage years.

    Your little caterpillar might be my favorite costume EVER!

  4. The kids all look adorable in their very clever and crafty costumes designed by one clever and crafty Mama! Bravo T.C.

  5. and what a wonderful single picture of that adorable bat it is!

    yes, i think my future son will make a wonderful monarch butterfly -- with ornate orange and black wings! -- (and no, that's not an announcement, just a premonition that my first child will be a son...)