Tuesday, November 10, 2009

act now...

act now...

my baby, real dirty dishes, not the puj tub

as in today.  Right now
cuz tomorrow is the deadline.
Nov. 11th 
for what?
a chance to bathe your baby a whole new way.
for free!!!

Puj baby has developed a revolutionary way to bathe infants.
and they are giving away 100 tubs to bloggers with babies who are willing to use, abuse and review their product.
I know lots of you are pregnant or just had a baby (or 2) and you blog (and I assume you're reading my blog)
check out puj baby to read/ see what I'm talking about.

puj tub, not my baby, no dirty dishes either. really cool.

My friend Katie and her husband Ben are what I like to call creative genius-us (because I'm not genius enough to know how to pluralize genius) and I really think this tub is simply amazing and amazingly simple.
for the love of good design, clean babies, less clutter, small living spaces, talented friends, homegrown businesses, blogs and giveaways.
get on over there and enter.
good luck! (let me know if you want me to put in a good word for you).  

ok, so I can't really promise that my good word means anything, but I can try.

Katie and Ben's wedding. Aug 2002
and I just threw this last picture in for fun because I think old school pictures on blogs are fun and I never really post any because I didn't move any to Dubai with me.
This was the first one I came to in a file of scanned photos I have from my pre-married days.
and I think it's funny that we all have matching curly hair (well except Britt, and Tim in the background).
and we all learned our curly hair recipe from Katie (when I wore/wear my hair curly I was/am often asked for the "recipe")

creative genius I tell you.  creative genius.


  1. Love the picture...I was just thinking about that recipe. I want to wear my hair culry more often, but can't get it right. Will you send me the recipe?

  2. gee this would've come in handy when the twins were itty bitty! dang. this reminds me of something you might find at ikea.