Saturday, November 7, 2009

what's a hungry caterpillar without...

a beautiful butterfly!

She couldn't have been more excited to get in costume.  
and to wear it multiple times since Halloween.
unfortunately- the homemade wings could use some help- they are falling apart, and they pretty much started out that way.
fortunately- Ivy didn't seem to notice or care she just loved wearing them.
unfortunately- they tend to get in the way after a while, so she asks me to take them off.
fortunately- she looks cute, and loves that she looks like the butterfly in her book.
hopefully we will be fortunate enough to find a nice sturdy pair of butterfly wings at a store sometime soon that we can paint all colorful and bright and be able to wear with ease whenever her little heart desires.  

and for the record.
I love finding tutorials for things on the internet.  (What did we ever do without it?)
Blogs for recipes, gift ideas, costumes, home decor, you name it.
but I'm wising up when it comes to Martha.
sometimes she is 
practical. (which can be so. very. frustrating)
I UN-recommend them (or DIS-recommend them?)
I followed Tim Gunn's advice and "{made} it work."
but next time
I'll look for a tutorial from a more trusted source

like a blog.
costume inspiration: a favorite book (and puzzle) in our home.  click here


  1. Wow those are both so cute and original!!!

    You're right, sometimes Martha has fabulous projects, but her instructions often breeze right by some things as if it's soooo easy when it's NOT!

    and I DO love a good blog. :)

  2. What a darling idea. They both look so cute. I'm impressed that you made those wings. I wouldn't have even tried. I must know where you got that yellow dress!

  3. Adorable!! PS--why is Brooke following me around?? Brooke--get your own friends!! ;)