Monday, November 16, 2009

same, but different- apples.

Sometimes things here in Dubai are the same,
but different.

for example:

Apple picking:

Asher.  fall 2006 -Massachusetts - isn't he so cute?

We stocked up on apples though.
When Anne Marie came to visit, she brough a suitcase full of Halloween goodies from my mom, and some treats from her as well- candy corns, red vines and fresh home grown apples.
the rest of our harvest consisted of finding jars of organic applesauce on clearance at our neighborhood market and buying the whole shelf (4dhs/ can= less than $1/ jar)!
When I see a deal, I stock up.
Groceries are expensive and rarely go on sale.  Plus, no coupons to clip.  
However, our store has clearance goods!  These past few months I've been finding some sweet deals (cereal, chips, cake mixes, canned goods, frozen goods, cheese, yogurt, granola bars).  
I think some of my American Dubai friends are jealous.
Never mind that the reason they go on clearance is their expiration date is nearing. 
Say or think what you will, I say: 

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