Thursday, October 8, 2009

sixty. a list.

My dad turned the 60 last week- but looks like 50 or a very mature 40.  Seriously.

at least I think so.
anyway.  I'm late in writing his birthday post
if you haven't noticed- I'm late in posting/ writing lots of things.  

my brother wrote a great list of 60 things about my dad on his private blog.
I would copy it here and maybe I will...later.
but for now
since this is MY blog and more about my kids than ME.
I'll attempt to come up with a list about ME and my Dad.  Because we're so much alike? or are we?

People often comment on our similarities?  Criticism or compliment.  You tell me

So- here it is.  a list about.....US
  1. Brownies: corners and edges!  love them.
  2. Ice cream: slightly melted but not drinkable.  Just soft.
  3. Salt- most things always need just a little bit more.
  4. Many people say I inherited his smile.  I'm not really sure how genetically linked it is since mine is the product of 2 years of  braces- his is not. 
  5. He's a dentist and I'm not, but I do brush my kids teeth every night and he taught me that the best approach is to stand behind them and have them look up and open wide (as opposed to going at them with a toothbrush straight on).  It works great and I'm not sure if most moms just know to approach toothbrushing this way or if you'll thank me (my dad) later.
  6. we tend to laugh at the same jokes
  7. sunday afternoons are for napping
  8. and baking
  9. Don't like to rush a meal.  Eat, enjoy, talk, chew (well, I don't chew as long as he does, but I still get antsy, panicked or annoyed when people wolf down food).
  10. love a bargain (may or may not buy something just because it's a good deal)
  11. both moved to the Middle East with young children for a better job.
  12. and an adventure.
  13. and because we like to travel.
  14. We both learned Spanish a little in high school
  15. and a lot by living in South/Central America (He in Guatemala for 2 years, me in Ecuador for 2 months)  
  16. love a good Mango (although he still insists on pronouncing it Mahn- go)
  17. BYU cougars (although we will cheer for Utah if they're not playing against us)
  18. left brained
  19. math and numbers (remember telephone numbers, combinations, security codes by making up stories or relating them to each other in a mathematical sequence- and I love figuring out what that might be)
  20. science (my Dad, he's good at it.  Me, I thought I should be good at it since we're "so much alike" but it didn't come as easy for me as it did for him.  Most things don't.  He's just really smart I think.)
  21. spelling (I used to love sitting up front on road trips and having my dad quiz me on how to spell different words while other family members were asleep in the back)
  22. analytically minded (to a fault- I could go on about this- save it for another day)
  23. always try to figure out a way to do it ourselves for less money
  24. spent lots of time remodeling/ working on our san jose house
  25. 1st baby- a boy!  
  26. 2nd baby- a girl (and a gorgeous, sassy, hilarious one at that wink wink)
  27. 3rd baby- another boy (with red-hair)
  28. stretchy skin- ask me (or him) sometime and I'll demonstrate.
  29. politically conservative (was very disinterested in politics growing up and in college, but then I lived at home for a few months during the 200 campaign/ election and I got sucked in, now I read, listen and discuss more)
  30. pet peeve: dishes in the sink (especially when the dishwasher is empty and ready to be filled)
  31. another pet peeve: indirect, long or wordy answers to direct questions.
  32. or wasting things (food, money, time.  I once couldn't concentrate on my roommate's sob story because she was using a ridiculous {to me} amount of tissues and tossing them one after another.  Dab a tear, toss the whole tissue.  I bit my tongue and listened as best I could.  I'm working on it and still feel bad about that one.)
  33. Compassion.  There's room for improvement (see above).
  34. thai curry- could/ would/ have lick{ed} the bowl clean
  35. los compadres- machaca beef or green chili beef- yum!
  36. think of the same thing when we here: {ring, ring} "hellooooo BA- by..." and we could both sing along "...chantilly lace and a pretty face, pony-tail, hanging down. A wiggle in her walk and a giigle in her talk makes the world go round. Oh there ain't nothin' in this world like a {brown} eyed girl make me act so funny, make me spend my money, make me feel real loose like a long neck goose. oh baby that's a what I like"
  37. still have a full head of hair (ok, I realize this is pretty standard for a woman my age, but since he's got more than my husband or brothers thought it was worth mentioning)
  38. don't look our age.
  39. rarely get sick

but I'm feeling kinda sick now.  And my kids are sick (which is one of the reasons this post is late)- and I'm tired and tempted NOT to post this because I ended at 39 and that number has little significance.

maybe tomorrow I can post some more.
or if you can help me out, post it in the comments.
maybe I'll post a few more pictures tomorrow too.
good night

P.S.- Happy {belated] Birthday dad!
picture is here in Dubai in February when my Dad and Mom flew out to meet little Canyon (and see the rest of us)


  1. First, I thought your dad was your husband before I figured out it was your dad--he looks so young. Second, your kids are adorable and third, #32 had me laughing about the tissues. I tried #5 and it worked well.

  2. Miss you guys! We just put a whole bunch of new pics up of your kiddos on the fridge for H to play with and look at. Just yesterday he was putting on his shoes, I asked him where he was going and he said "to Dubai to see Ivy, Canyon, Asher and Toria." Wish that were true!

  3. I love your dad. He took good care of my families teeth after my dad died. That compassion part is very true (of both of you)!