Monday, October 5, 2009

five,six, seven...

no, not teaching you a dance.
just counting the months since Canyon's birth.
EIGHT months, going on NINE.
That's a pregnancy.
If this were a pregnancy I'd be stretched thin and sticking out, vaguely remembering what it feels like to sleep on my stomach and wear non maternity clothes, tired all the time and sleeping when I could, and nesting galore.  Since it's NOT a pregnancy, I'm wishing away the remnants of my belly, vaguely remembering what life without C was like, not sleeping much when I can or can't 
my house is pretty messy. 

But, comparing my pregnancy and Canyon's life inside of me vs. outside of me was pretty interesting (probably only to me) so here goes some status updates on the little guy.  Feel free to skip the writing and just check out his cute-ness (I'd probably do the same thing). 

5 months
  • in utero: found out HE was going to be a HE.  Also, began to feel his kicking and somersaulting on a regular basis. The kid loved to move- or maybe he just takes a while to get comfortable.
  • age: He found his comfortable spot and kicked the "back to sleep" campaign out the window.  He rolled over for the first time during playtime and found his way to his tummy at bedtime too.  He slept soundly, happily, and less congested-ly.  (he also seemed to adjust to the time change very smoothly).

6 months.
  • in utero: the little details began to grow and form; the tiny bones in his inner ear, nasal passages and his spine (this according to a week by week pregnancy calendar).
  • age: month of growth!!! Whoa!  I kept saying I left Dubai with an infant and was returning with a little boy (although I don't have any real stats).  Poor John missed that month.  I waited to start feeding solids until back in Dubai (too lazy to hassle with it traveling).  
  • He started eating (6 months + 1 wk) and he hasn't looked back.  He likes it ALL. Cereals, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado, spinach, carrots and an assortment of other homemade purees or mashes (that was just the beginning). I haven't purchased any jars of baby food this time around (it's pretty expensive here) and I'm wondering if that's helped him to be less picky (he's never really had the super smooth texture so he doesn't know what he's missing?) OR he's just a better eater than Asher and Ivy ever were- we shall see.
  • rolling as a means of travel.  
  • using the johnny jump up
  • no more sleeping easily in church or falling asleep (easily) in my arms (tear)

7 months:
  • in utero: eyelashes form.
Uhh, I'm still waiting for his eyelashes to really emerge.  
  • age: despite the light eyelashes.  He still dazzles people with his looks and lets people hold him without crying.  
  • He begins to travel across the room or bed by combining a couple scoots, long stretches and a roll here and there.  
  • he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth (we call it revving the engine)
  • he smiles for lots of cameras and camera phones and is held by way too many strangers.
  • he falls asleep on the go (and we were on the go a lot)
  • he's much more demanding with food- he loves it.

8 months!!!
  • I think this is the point in pregnancy where I begin to slow down and want to crawl.
  • For Canyon, this is the point in life where he wants to speed up and crawl to everything.  He's doing the worm and an army crawl variation and he's pretty good at it. We've been on Lego duty around the clock making sure all chocking hazards are up and out of reach.  Next item of business: blocking the stairs.
  • he also loves: more food- introducing new things every day and still haven't found a dislike, baby Einsteins (like magic for all my kids. Still.), johnny jump up, splashing in the tub, almost sitting up by himself, wrestling to give kisses, and getting excited when his siblings seem excited and sad when his siblings are sad.
  • and lest you think he's perfect.  He still has sleeping/ napping inconsistencies and he's a pretty demanding eater, but we'll take it.
no pictures yet for 8 months- it's that darn lost camera thing and not having the big heavy one on hand enough.  

We're loving this little guy!


  1. T,

    He is so, so cute. I love the naked shots with all his cute rolls. He, of course, looks like your other two, but has a little bit unlike the others. I am glad he likes to eat more than the other two. Hopefully he'll stay that way:)

    I want to see a family picture. I am beginning to forget what you and John even look like :)

    Love ya,

  2. What a great post! I can't believe how fast these little ones are growing up. I need to record better what Berklee is doing.

  3. He is adorable. How fun to watch them grow and learn. You just made me a little excited to have a baby again, but a little nervous to be prego again:)

  4. He's a cutie Toria! I'm impressed you remember so much about the pregnancy, I would have forgotten for sure.

  5. Toria! He is so perfect. I REALLY miss those kids. Of course we miss you and John too:)

  6. He is absolutely adorable!!! I love the pictures and updates. What a great and fun idea to compare the months. Miss you guys!

  7. im thinkin you need to take a video of his crawl