Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pit stop

One of my best friends from college days, (as well as the original link between me and the man I married), just stopped in for a 3 day pit stop

In her race around the world. (did you just hear that sentence with Phil's voice like I hoped you would?)

Well, not really a race, but I just finished watching this and had to include a little shout out to one of my favorite tv shows, The Amazing Race.  Did you see it?  In Sunday night's episode they came to Dubai- too bad I didn't know when they were filming it.

Anne-Marie won that race around the world a long time ago.  Her travels have taken her to more exotic locals than the Amazing Race ever would. 
She lives the Amazing race!  Her pit stop here was on the way back from a 2 week humanitarian project in Afghanistan.  Yep, Af-freakin'-ghanistan, and it wasn't even her first time there.  She used to work for George W., Laura, Dick and Lynne, so she's pretty much traveled the world with them.  How cool is that? Very cool.  

We had a great time!  It was so much fun to see her, show her the sights, let my kids fall in love with her, and just catch up and laugh with one of my kindred spirits.

detours, roadblocks and fast forwards:
(aka the stuff we did, I'm listing it out to remind myself to document it in the days to come:)
Abu Dhabi Mosque, the beach, Eat and Drink Restaurant, Palm monorail, Atlantis hotel/ aquarium, shopping, ski Dubai, neighborhood walk, swimming, bakeries (trendy and authentic), sand dunes, henna, buffet dinner and race to the airport (only to have her flight cancelled. True to form she maneuvered her way into the first class lounge to eat and rest, and onto Emirates airlines which is WAY better than United, no extra cost.  Did I tell you she's a pro or what? 

More details of her trip 
and her 
to come.

Thanks for visiting AMG!  
Who's coming to see us next?  We promise to show you a good time (although I recommend coming between now and April- Phil was right when he said "Dubai's endless summer..."- but we're just getting into the good part of summer)


  1. how in the world did you get that jumping picture???

  2. It's all about camera angle and a quick shutter :) I wish I could say it's my cheerleading skillz from back in the day, but I'm seriously lacking in that department since the 3 kids. Project get-back-in-shape has been "about to begin" for way too long. I'll let you know when/if it gets going!

  3. Hey T, it was cool to see you guys on skype the other day. FYI- Oprah went to Dubai today on her show, thought you might want to check it out. love ya!

  4. That is fun for you to have a friend stop in to see you there, I probably won't be making the trip, so you'll just have to enjoy me in UT.

  5. I love The Amazing Race, too. I had to keep rewatching it to stare at Dubai, just because it was unbelievable and I knew that you live there.

  6. what does tmi mean? I'm not that hip.

  7. Jealous. Glad you had fun and that you were able to catch up with the elusive AMG 63. :)