Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's my camera

and I'll cry if I want to.

I LOST the camera on the second to last day of our Thailand vacation
NONE of the pictures had been uploaded.
I'm very sad about it.
It was a great little camera that I just got a few months ago
and it had a memory card full of pictures that I didn't upload because I {thought} I didn't have the card reader or the cable {turns out I had both in a safe place that I didn't find until I got home and ripped everything apart hoping to find the camera too- doh!}
I had a good cry.
I realize there are bigger trials and worse things to lose.
So I've tried to toughen up.
but I still find myself playing the shoulda, woulda, coulda game in my head.
not fun.

I think we had some great pictures- because we definitely have some great memories.
Like ATV riding through the jungle in mud and rain.
There was a quite few photos of that little adventure.
We had a great time that day- and we were filthy when it was done.  
I had the camera around my neck the entire time.
We took pictures in the water, playing or just messing around trying to document our vacation.
I'll miss those
the great shot of Canyon and I sitting on an elephant while he posed and the other two kids stayed far, far away.
and I'm pretty sure I took a shot of them keeping their distance from the elephant (Ivy screaming).
We also had pictures on the kayak when dozens of monkeys surrounded us and waited for us to put bananas right into their hands
a couple monkeys hopped right on the kayak with us.
and one stole our sunscreen (SPF 70!).  
I took a picture of that monkey too, as we left.
Asher took some great shots of me and the other two kids.
the camera was very kid friendly in that it's "water-proof, shatter-proof, freeze proof, dust-proof"
we posed and took pictures of each other enjoying the quiet almost deserted beach, waiting for John to get back from a scuba diving trip.
There were lots of photos with the elephants.
the baby elephant giving John a hug with his trunk
and giving Canyon a little ride
and a kiss.
or eating from my hand and trying to tickle us.
Ivy and Asher got a little closer to that elephant- cuz he was just the cutest baby!
we had some shots of the other animals we saw.
and some pictures of people taking pictures (those Asians loved Canyon!  and Ivy)
we took pictures of the yummy food- 
drinking coconut juice at breakfast
and Canyon chowing down on bananas of all sizes.
I LOVED eating a fresh mango (or two) for breakfast every day.
oh and the golf cart ride around the resort.
we took pictures of that because the kids thought it was the greatest. thing. ever.
and we laughed at how we took them to Thailand
so that they could get a thrill off a golf-cart ride
and refuse an elephant ride.
they are funny kids- and we had so much fun with them.

man- just thinking about all the photos that I lost makes me a little sick inside.

Maybe it will turn up.
Maybe seeing these cute pictures will motivate whoever has the camera to turn it in
Maybe the pictures will find their way back to me via the miracle of the internet.

but probably not.

the good news is, 
we still have great memories
we took two cameras with us on the vacation.
and I do have a good amount of pictures that we took with that camera.
just none with the monkeys, or elephants, or golf-carts.
and none in places where the camera would have gotten wet, muddy or sandy (and in rainy season, in Thailand, on a beach vacation- that's a lot of places).
or in every day places where the point and shoot was the most practical

that's ok


  1. That SUCKS!!! I lost a roll of film and my journal while backpacking around Europe.

    Maybe you should have Asher and Ivy draw pictures of their adventures to replace those that were lost.

  2. That is so sad Toria. I know the feeling and it's just really sad. I do hope they show up. I do hope someone finds it and somehow it finds it's way back to you. It's good you wrote down those memories though. A picture does paint a thousand words. . . BUT, you could write a thousand words and paint a picture. And I like the above idea. Have your sweet kiddos paint or draw pictures of what they remember.

  3. I'd cry too.

    Sounds like a really fun vacation.