Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation recap: part 3

Utah edition.

I need some photos from my cousin Liz.  She documented a great family BBQ in my brother and sil's suh-weet backyard.  I caught up with cousins I hadn't seen in years, laughed while riding the rope swing over the creek with Asher who loved it, and laughed while riding the rope swing with Ivy who hated it (or at least screamed like she did).  I also joined in the gasps and held breath while my 88 yr-old Grandpa decided he wanted to give the rope swing a go too.
Gotta love a guy doesn't like to miss any of the fun.
I'm thinkin' there's a little of Grandpa in me.  I hope it's still alive and kickin' when I'm 88.

Someday when I get the pictures, I'll post them here.  
(I think a few of them are on my facebook page if you're curious)
and Liz, if you're reading this, could you email them to me.
toriaclason at gmail

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