Wednesday, September 16, 2009

did you know? a conversation with Asher

A: "I know how you could die"
Me: " really? how?"
A: matter-of-factly "not going to the bathroom"
Me: "oh really? not going to the bathroom makes you die? are there other ways to die?"
A: "oh ya. Guns. Cuz guns shoot. Guns. and not going potty. that's how you can die.
just thought of another one.
Smoking makes you die huh mom?

Me: "Yep, smoking isn't good for you"
A: "oh, and getting hit by a car. I wouldn't ever want to die that way....."

The conversation continued on to other things, but left it with those 4 ways to die. We'll save adding to that list for another day. I thought it was funny, but didn't feel the need to educate Asher on all the ways that people die.

and where this train of thought started? I don't really know.
John who came in part way through the conversation was even more confused.


  1. my favorite part was how he said, matter of factly...very cute.

  2. When Brandon was 4 he went into KMart with Jerry. They had a big gun section in those days inside the sporting goods area. Jerry was waiting in line to buy his camping item and he noticed Brandon eyeing the rows of hunting rifles on the wall behind the counter. He turns to Jerry and and very loudly asks, "Those are guns aren't they Daddy? You wouldn't shoot me with one of those guns would you Daddy?" Jerry was pretty embarassed.

  3. you know out of all those options, I think dying from not going to the bathroom would be the worst.