Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the flight part 2

this one was a straight shot, DC to Dubai.  14 hours or so in the air.

1)My brother snapped this photo of us moments before boarding.  I thought I'd included it as a post-edit to this post.

No chaotic moments, sweet notes, screaming children or open armed passengers, but still gratitude for wonderful kids, answered prayers and reuniting of our little family.  I'm sure I will remember the other flight forever and yes, I kept the note.  I love it!

2)and a special thanks to my brother: Uncle Drew who got me to the airport, through the airport, and waited and played with the kids until boarding time. I needed the reinforcements.
He told them to run laps in the waiting area- and they did.

3)Asher with the airport taxi driver.  
after landing and getting all our stuff  (kids, double stroller, car seat, 3 bags, my purse and pillow) off the plane and UP the escalator, 
after traveling across 3 moving sidewalks- one of which resulted in Asher falling upon exit causing the 3 flight attendants behind him to trip over him or fall too- one nailing him in the face with his knee (but he didn't cry because "he's tough"), and then down an elevator.
we still found ourselves facing the long walk to passport control.
when the airport guy driving the car offered to give us a lift the rest of the way.
I said sure.
Asher was thrilled!
I piled on our stuff, Asher hopped in front, I just needed to fold up the stroller and get on with Ivy and Canyon.
Ivy wasn't thrilled.  She said "NOoooo" and began to start with her typical 2 year old protest.
not wanting to cause as scene with either child, 
I did what any good mother would do.
I let them both have their way.
I walked with Ivy, pushing Canyon in the stroller and Asher still got to ride in the airport car.
I said, I'd meet them at the other end.
and off I went.
It wasn't until I was well on my way looking back at Asher sitting in the car with all our stuff (including my wallet and passports) did I really think about what a "good mother" I am.
needless to say. No problems, all was/ is well.
I think the prayers covered me all the way home.


  1. Your kids look so, so cute and you look so good! I am so impressed you survived all of that. Motherhood sure stretches us in ways we never imagined. Of course, I think you were probably super woman even before you had kids :) I am glad your little family is all reunited. Now, please, please, can you visit Houston on your next US trip?? Or am I going to have to track you down in another city to see you? Because I will do that too :)

  2. Ezra and Canyon have so many matching outfits. Naturally, I have the same "Swell" outfit with the electric guitars. I'm glad you made it back so easily!

  3. Glad you made it home safely and sanely. Very memorable photo of you with the kids -- Asher is so grown up!

  4. Ha, that's funny. You just do whatever you gotta do to keep the peace in public, and your sanity.

    It was so fun seeing you! Hopefully it won't be too long before you come again. I wish I could say I'll come visit you sometime, but I don't think that will happen, especially with that ensanely long flight.

  5. LoVe your last posts! That sweet note you received on the plane brought tears! So sweet!

  6. Toria, I have only traveled cross-country, and only when accompanied by my mother (or my great-aunt, an experienced and competent grandma in her own right). Everytime we arrive at our destination, I breathe a sigh of relief and say a prayer of thanks. And I often think of you- I don't know how you manage these round-the-world trips by yourself. But if you can do it, surely my mother and I can get the twins across the country. That's what I tell myself. Thanks for the inspiration!