Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a start

photo not mine- wish it was- I think it's hilarious!
I'm back from vacation, John moved us while we were away (with the help of a few Pakistanis), we're enjoying summer, it's hot, I love our new house, it's great to be back together, had a great time in the states, I think it's funny that I refer to it as "the states", should I refer to it differently?....

Every time I take a long break from the blog, I have the hardest time jumping back in.  
I don't know where to start.
Do I re-cap the past month's events/ vacation? 
Do I blog about the random thought blogs I've written in my head?
Do I write about the fun we had today so that tomorrow it won't be yesterdays news?
or do I pay attention to my husband who I was away from for a month?
or unpack the boxes that I didn't unpack yesterday?
or feed the baby because he's having a difficult time switching his nights and days again, and so is my body for that matter- I could get personal and ask for advice about clogged ducts- or just feed the baby, since that's probably what you'll tell me.
and while I'm on the subject of advice, I've got a whole list of things I'd like advice or input about.
that's why I love the blog world and that's why I'm back.  
I just had to get this first one out of the way.
it's my "start"


  1. whatever you say I'm glad you're back! I'm in a bit of a blogging rut myself, mostly I think I'm boring.

  2. Ohhhh Toria! I went to HECK and back with clogged ducts this last time around. Email me if you wanna hash that one out! :) Glad you're home safe and happy. Sad I didn't see you when you were so close.

  3. Oh you make me laugh. Glad you're back!

  4. Tell me that picture is not one you took!

  5. hi Toria,it IS good to get back.
    I just came back from China with 2 boys last Sat.,taking 24-hour flight without Guangping,stopped Seoul and LA.
    It was not easy!
    You ARE a super mom!
    take care!

  6. Okay, clogged ducts. Well, swear words never did help. Neither did tears. :)