Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Canyon is 4 months old and it's really HOT!

Canyon is 4 months old and it's really, REALLY, hot outside.

We tried to have some summer fun before the summer weather kicked in. 
We enjoyed beach trips, afternoons in the park, pool parties, bbqs, and trips to the local water parks with tube rides and water slides.  All the while, I was reading about the first hints of spring hitting most of the U.S.
Now it's your turn. I'll be reading about your wonderful summer fun in the U.S.A, wishing I was there (and trying to control my jealousy or figure out how/ when I can come visit), and in the meantime rushing my kids from car-to-house,  store-to-car, wherever-to-whatever,  as long as it's air conditioner-to-air conditioner! 
Yesterday it got up to 115. 
the day before 118.
makes yesterdays 97 sound...cool?

Don't get me wrong.  We're still enjoying life- just sweating a little more.

in other news
we have a 4 month update:
Canyon just goes with the flow.  He has his moments, his not as quiet as he used to be, but he's still such a trooper.
Time has flown! 
  • He smiles a lot.  I think maybe more than I remember the other kids doing at his age. When he makes eye contact with anyone, a big flirty grin usually follows, which then results in smiles all around.
  • He laughs-  the first time was watching big sister Ivy swing back and forth, back and forth. He just giggled and giggled.  It was really cute.  It's usually Asher or Ivy that can get him to giggle on cue.
  • He sits in the bumbo and sits up in the stroller (instead of laying down all the time)
  • He weighs about 16 lbs (I can't remember exactly and they told me in kgs which is all the more confusing)
  • He's resilient.  He's had routine immunizations, a lot of upper respiratory congestion and a bad fall. (Unfortunately he fell out of his baby swing yesterday- made us both cry.)
  • He can't wait to meet his relatives- especially his closest in age cousin due to arrive in one short month. (at least that's what I think he's trying to communicate to me :))
So, if the heat doesn't get us out of here, maybe we'll do it for baby C- he really wants to see/ meet all of you and I don't know if he can wait until Christmas time.  We'll see. 


  1. So cute, and we can't wait to meet Canyon. Looks like you have been enjoying the summer. Time flies with a third little one. We hope you make it out here soon!

  2. 115 holy cow, I can't believe how quickly we've climatized (is that a word?) here, I don't miss the hot whatsoever, but I'll probably sing a different tune come next winter! If you do make it to the U.S. give us a call, we'd love to see you, Canyon looks cute, he probably smiles more because there are more people around to make him smile with older siblings.

  3. 4 months??? Seriously, time is flying. Hopefully these next 6 weeks go really, really fast - I want a baby and my body back :)

    Canyon is so cute! And I am not surprised he goes with the flow - I think that is the middle name of everyone in your family. Okay, except for when Asher spots a booger or something like that.

    I am glad you guys had so much fun in your spring. We also spend most of our time near water these days - our temperatures aren't quite high, but our humidity is getting pretty bad.

    That picture of John and Ivy is so cute - those two look sooo much alike. You look great as well.

    Let me know when you are coming to the states - we have to see you guys this time - even if I have to ask for a plane trip to AZ for my birthday!

    Miss you guys.

  4. yeah so we miss you guys a lot but we are happy to be in cooler weather. it was like 90 today in florida and it was beautiful. we sat outside for longer than an hour. its been great! we'll have to catch up soon. i need your magic jack phone number! i miss our evening catch up!

  5. Canyon's cousin, I'm sure can't wait to meet him! I hope you can make it to the US soon - Canyon's looking good! Definitely looks like a redhead.

  6. I shall never complain about our "hot" weather this summer. Stay cool and enjoy your latest cutie!

  7. Those pictures are too cute!! Canyon is such a handsome little guy! We miss you!