Thursday, June 4, 2009

desert blooms

It's not all dunes, dust around here.  We do have quite a few plants (besides palm trees), and it seems that something is in bloom year round.  (thanks to sprinklers and man made irrigation). 

When we moved into our neighborhood last year, I fell in love with the resort-like landscaping with greenery and bright colored blooms all along the sidewalks. The kids love to pick the flowers (and give them to me of course:)). 
Many a time on our walks to and from school, the park or the swimming pool, I'll have all 3 kids piled in the double stroller (it really works quite well as a triple- I'll take a picture sometime), and Asher or Ivy will yell "stop"(asher) or "sop, pick f-owers".(Ivy) 
They love it when I wear it behind my ear (anyone remember the rules that go with the flower behind the ear thing?)
I love the flowers and being the "dear mother" that my kids think of when "gather{ing} arms full of blossoms." 

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  1. its the same as your wedding ring if the flower is on the left ear your married if the flower is on your right ear your single