Wednesday, May 13, 2009

John's birthday- follow up

Thank you {so much} for the fun birthday wishes to John as well as the side trips down memory lane. Although, I'm not sure I can call it memory lane since John didn't seem to remember most of the memories- big or small.  {What's up with that?} 
In fact, recently, his sister Lizzy answered a tag on Facebook with a list of unusual things about her.  One of those was that she was baptized in a neighbors hot tub.  John's response was: "huh, that's funny, I don't remember that"
"and I baptized her"----------------- "Didn't I?"
yep, he did.
I should mention John LOVES Lizzie and has lots of great memories of his littlest sister.  I share because I thought it was funny, not to diminish the occasion of her baptism in ANY way.

I'll make it easy on him and document this birthday a little, here goes:
As I mentioned, John was out of town for his actual birth-day, but returned home Friday morning and took a cab to meet us at church. 
We had balloons, a big block tower, dinner, 34 wonderful blog comments {thank you again- he loved it} and presents, waiting for his arrival at home.  

What gifts did he receive you ask?  LEGOS {and a new suit and dress shirts that still needs finishing up at the tailors}.  Asher helped to pick them out. Ivy was equally excited.  Canyon just signed his name. We spent an quiet afternoon building lego vehicles together. I'm sure John has spent many afternoons in his 34 years doing the very same thing {and that, he remembers.}

It's nice to have Dad back in town.

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