Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's not every day......

John turns 30! 
erh, I mean 30 for the fifth time!!! (translation for Nancy: 34)

unfortunately, John's out of town for work (ya right) and since he's probably having a grand ol' time "working". We're gonna have a grand ol' time ourselves and celebrate the man of the day, without the man.  
because it's not every day that you have a birthday and yours is tomorrow and you're not here!
Happy Birthday Clason!
i miss you!

please comment with a funny (or heartwarming) thought about John, 
or memory of John,
or what you would buy for John if...., 
or what song or movie (RUDY) reminds you of John,
or anything really,
just so he can feel the love on his big day!!! 
I'm shooting for 34 comments (in honor of his age) so some of you quiet ones may need to help me out too.  If you have more to add, like a photo or a lot to say, send me an email: clasonsindubai@gmail show him some love!)


  1. Oh John, it seems like just yesterday you and I were in the mall, dropping ice cubes from the second floor onto unsuspecting trick or treaters down on the first floor. Good times. Happy birthday!

  2. I just cleaned out all the hair from my hair brushes and thought of you, John. Remember at your court of honor we gave you a brown paper bag full of hair with a big red bow? Ha! Love you, John. Sure miss you guys.

  3. Happy Birthday John.

    When I think of John, I think of his MLB shirt,
    and his love of shopping :) Just kidding.

    And how he would pretend to be doing something else and sit and wander into the room and just happen to sit and watch So You Think You Can Dance with us.

    John is a great dad, very fun and easy going and a great friend. And he did so well at Bunker Hill Community College - so he must be really smart :)

    We hope he has a happy birthday. Are you making pumpkin pie?

  4. I will never forget when you saved me on the bus from the mean high school boy. I was 7 and you were my big awesome football playing- brother. You rode the bus even though had a car, just to protect me.....I love you. Happy birthday!

  5. I remember John's reaction as he watched from the shop as Marla drove through the fence when she was learning to drive. Also, how calm, cool and collected he was when appearing on the Price is Right! Happy Birthday, John!

  6. I thought you were going to say that it's not everyday you see a camel walking on the ocean behind a man wearing a BYU baseball cap holding a cute baby, because as far as I know, that doesn't happen everyday! Anyway thanks for the math clarification, you know I'm no rocket scientist, but speaking of rocket scientists! Happy Birthday John! To the only rocket scientist I know, well the only one who lives in Dubai anyway...

  7. Happy Birthday John!


  8. Yeah, he had a look of amazement at my awesome driving is the look that he had.

    Off the top of my head:

    John in his hard core Metallica phase, jamming it in the Blue Van.

    Saying BRA instead of BRO with his friends.

    Lifting weights and playing football all during high school.

    Our near accident in the rented Crown Vic the night before he left for the MTC.

    Also, you should scan that picture of him in the Ensign because that shocked my socks off when I saw it on my mission.

    Also, he had a few broken hearts. We're sure glad he found Toria!

  9. Are the camels in the background totally normal in your neck of the woods? That just seems a little bizarre to me because I thought camels can never find water when they need it.

  10. I think of John every time we have s'mores...because nobody actually LIKES burny marshmallows, they are just too lazy to cook 'em right!

  11. Barry often talks about when he and John were instructed to demo the chicken coup and after about 10 minutes of sledge hammering they decided to burn it down instead.

  12. Happy Birthday big brother! We sure miss you guys -

    I remember when we were little, John and I rode sheep in a rodeo in Moccasin Arizona. I totally fell off and swallowed dirt and he WON! Oh how ticked I was that he won the grand prize of a bag of M&M's!

    Also - I am with Marla on remembering the hardcore Metallica phase he went through - only I remember it making my mom SO SO SO crazy as he blasted it up in his room above the kitchen- that she would get the broom and hit the ceiling so hard I thought she might bust right through it. He SOMETIMES turned it down just a little.

    Love you John!

  13. Ha Ha I thought I was the only one to call him "John" Astin because he looked so dang much like my Goonies crush. Happy Birthday Johnny Boy. You always were one of my favs!

  14. Happy Birthday, John! I have so many great memories of you. Trips to Tahoe (poor you had to sleep in the closet) are some of my favorite. I miss having you guys to hang out with! I just smile thinking of you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  15. I often think of John on Cinco de Mayo because he once said that is birthday was "leftover burrito day", being the day after Cinco de Mayo.

    California is quite lonely without the Clasons. We miss you tons and dream of a real life California reunion.

    Happy Birthday, John!

    Toby and Courtney

  16. John, I hope you find some hairy raisins to celebrate your B-Day in Italy!

    Love, Alecia & Joe

  17. One word for John is “brilliant”. He’s always coming up with great ideas. One of my favorite - his H2O/water soakers, masterfully engineered with PVC piping for our annual singles ward river rafting trip on the American River. Like everything John does, he went to great lengths to craft the perfect water gun, this thing pressurized streams of water to distances over 50ft. Truly remarkable, that is until they got in the wrong hands, I’ll never forget the other raft stealing the guns and loading them with something other than water. Then to our surprise…it came…it was like slow motion as everyone on our raft was dowsed from head to toe with ketchup, quickly followed by wet dinner rolls. Lots of memories bro... including celebrating many birthdays together. Here’s to many more good years. We miss you out here. Happy Birthday!

    Adrian & Caisa

  18. Happy Birthday John! I've posted some pics of previous good times on my blog--cjgilstrap.blogspot.com

    Miss you guys!

  19. I remember John (and Toria) hosting "settlers" parties for the rest of us single folk. John would make sure things didn't get out of hand. At times I was worried the game was putting stress on the newly weds relationship. my other favorite memories involve helping john with projects on their house in willow glen. taking out the patio with a jackhammer and holding a beam up while he got it in place top that list. we miss you john (and family). happy b-day.

  20. The metal normal bread sign gets comments everyday thanks again for making it happen. To be honest i doubted your skills after seeing that death trap of a bridge you built for my parents pool but the sign has redeemed you.

  21. Happy Birthday John!!

    So many great memories from Palo Alto, trips to Oregon, etc. One of the greatest things John taught me was his salmon recipe. I have fed many single ladies using it!!

  22. I remember working on building the addition to your house in Willow Glen. That was fun. and then when we filmed the video to enter the Amazing Race - sorry I never had time to edit it and send it in, but it seems like the Clasons are doing their own Amazing Race - where will they go next?

  23. Happy Birthday John... Sorry that I am a little late with the birthday wishes (just moved and have had limited internet access!)

    I also have a lot of good memories of John, but one that cracks me up is right after John and Toria got married, we did a little trip out to Little Basin. Jason was lucky enough to share the upper bunk with John and Toria. I think that Jason would have liked to just have John to himself!

  24. I remember after a long day at either school or football practice John was upstairs lifting wieghts, I think I was like 8. I decided to go up there just to hang out (Liz and I thought he was SO cool). I think he dropped a weight or couldn't do the last bench press lift when he said, really loud, "DANG IT"! Me being a little kid and having my Mom get mad at me always saying that phrase, I got really upset. I couldn't believe he had said such a bad word. I told him to never say that again, and that if he did I would tell Mom. He just laughed and kicked me out of his room. I cried outside his door for then next hour.

    Love you John- I think I am over it now.

  25. Happy Birthday John! The thing about John is, he has impecable judgement and solid charachter. I mean that very sincerely and I really thought about what sets him apart, so I won't add anything else and dilute it :)
    Happy Birthday!

  26. John as salsa (to your chips) on Halloween @ Stanford. I remember thinking what a fun guy he was to not only dress up, but to do something so goofy with you. He's a keeper, but you already know that!

    And I seem to recall many broken hearts in the Stanford Ward when you snagged him, T!

    John, don't "work" too much! Happy Birthday!

  27. Happy Birthday John! I think one of my favorite memories was the road trip to Ashland with Phil, Jonathan, Aly & Sarah. It was so fun to spend time with you and Toria and to meet your family. I LOVED Ashland! I remember the water fight at the parade, playing softball in the park, watching fireworks and jumping into Crater Lake. Good times! Hope you are doing well!

  28. Building the bridge across the pool. That was fun. A good project.

  29. Happy Birthday... little blurb my favorite was giving those etible diapers to cameron for a gag gift... and you eating them instead of her

  30. Hey John, Looks like you made it another year without dieing, you deserve a Cake and a party... That's what birthdays are all about right? They used to be about getting stuff, now were just happy if God gives us another year of life :)
    Hope you had a good one. Take care and stay in the shade :)

  31. John - Remember when you kept dragging your feet and pulled T through the wringer before you finally anted up and asked her to marry you??? I mean come on, haven't you been happy every day since? Happy B-day secret agent 'real estate' man.

  32. Harrison just asked to see 'Uncle John' on the 'compeeter' and wish him a 'happy bee day'

    Love you!

  33. Thanks everyone! This was perfect- perfectly hilarious! I loved it and I know John did too. I of course have lots of funny memories with John- one in particular I alluded to in the post when I called him "Clason". Before we started dating he HATED when I called him that. He felt like it was a way of me putting him in place as my "buddy" and nothing more. Well now that he is more than that, I love to remind myself of those "buddy" days and I'm so happy still to be married to my best friend.
    I mentioned RUDY reminds me of John- not only because he loves it but because he bares a striking resemblance- "5 foot nothin' a hundred and nothin'"

  34. oh I would buy John lots and lots of space legos (and a whole list of other things) if....