Sunday, May 3, 2009


me: "Ivy, what are you doing in the kitchen?"

Ivy: "eating urt"
me: "eating yoghurt?"
Ivy: "yaaaaa,"-pause-  "peach!" (staccato)
me: "why don't you come in here and eat at the table"
Ivy: "no, urt"
me: "why? you can eat your yogurt in here."
Ivy: "cuuuuz!" -pause- "urt!"

how? what? huh?


  1. She is TOOOO cute Toria! What a doll. My little Elizabeth LOVES yogurt too. She calls it "Tuh" (I guess she's repeating the "T" sound in yogurt). We're not as advanced as Ivy, but we'll get there. She is beautiful. How is 3 going for you??

  2. i can just picture her saying that! so funny!

  3. Okay Ivy looks really tan, aside from the yogurt! We're hoping to get some color too if it ever warms up here! Very cute.

  4. She is SO gorgeous. Love that tan and blonde curls. such a cutie. :)

  5. what happened to the spoon? was she eating it with her foot

  6. don't know where the spoon is or HOW it got on her foot. glad she wouldn't move til it was cleaned off. Yes, she is kinda tan and she does have a super soggy diaper on- sorry about that. Just keepin' it real.

  7. I remember working on building the addition to your house in Willow Glen. That was fun. and then when we filmed the video to enter the Amazing Race - sorry I never had time to edit it and send it in, but it seems like the Clasons are doing their own Amazing Race - where will they go next?

  8. oops! commented on the wrong post. will